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Dear Subscriber,

I have a FREE and extremely valuable gift for you in this letter. You don't have to order anything to get it. All you have to do is read -- it's right here in this letter. I'll explain later. But for now…

At the Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, NV we gathered together some of the most successful Internet marketers of all time.

They shared with us their closely guarded secrets of how they make the Internet work for them and how you can use it to work for you. These speakers have made millions of dollars on the Internet. And many of the secrets they shared have never been revealed before.

If you missed the seminar, now's your chance to get the home study version which captures all the material presented by the speakers and preserves it for you on both video and audio tape so you can review it as often as you like.


It was a very different Internet seminar. Most of the Internet seminars I've seen advertised are either one/two man shows or have a host of speakers from Fortune 500 companies. Not this one.

This seminar had many speakers and they were not from big corporations that have no relevance to what YOU are doing on the net. No. These speakers talked about the things YOU need to know about. Namely, how to build a successful website or web business, even if you're not a Fortune 500 company -- even if you're a one man band.

Rather than how to translate TV ad revenues into their Internet equivalents or some other such nonsense, you will be finding out how to create an e-zine that will increase traffic to your site by ten fold or how to promote an affiliate program in a way that will have visitors throwing wads of money your way. Good stuff like that.

Each speaker will be providing step-by-step blueprints of exactly what they had to do to be successful on the Internet -- and...

Exactly what YOU have to do to achieve the same thing.

I'm sure you've read stuff by many people who are willing to give you advice on what you should do. These are the people who are actually doing it.

You will be getting an INSIDER'S view of what you need to know and do to be successful on the Internet.

In fact, I've just compiled a small list of some of the things you can count on learning from this seminar. The list is not complete, mind you, just a small representation of what you can expect. Here it is:

  • The little-known insider SECRETS about what it REALLY takes to make money on the Internet.
  • How to quickly attract thousands of buyers to your web site.
  • The most important thing you need to know before you even think about designing your web site.
  • How to select products/services that will be hot sellers on your site.
  • How to promote your web site so it will attract people with money.
  • How to determine the amount of money you can make from an e-zine and how to multiply that amount astronomically.
  • The most effective technique for getting tons of visitors to your site.
  • Where to get a secure site with shopping cart for next to nothing.
  • How to get credit cards verified on line without paying exorbitant fees.
  • How to find places that will almost instantly list your web site for free and immediately start delivering hoards of qualified visitors with money to spend.
  • The hidden factor in web design that will either kill your response if you ignore it or multiply response if you do one simple, inexpensive thing.
  • Three things your web site MUST have if you expect to make any money with it.
  • How to get people to keep coming back to your web site and spending money when they do.
  • The most effective tool for getting visitors to spend money at your site.
  • What you must do to get hundreds of subscribers to your newsletter within 48 hours and why you MUST do it right away or lose that opportunity forever.
  • What you need to know about shopping carts that almost no one is revealing.
  • What you absolutely need to know about e-commerce and what you should definitely ignore even though the "experts" say otherwise.
  • What to look for in a web site hosting company.
  • What good web design software must have and whether you should use it or not.
  • Where to find a good web designer who will work for next to nothing.
  • How to get a secure ordering capability for your site without spending hundreds of dollars on a site certificate.
  • Why and when you should design your own web site.
  • How to create a good name (URL) for your web site.
  • How to instantly know if your site name (URL) is available.
  • How to immediately reserve the name/URL for your web site with no money down -- even if you don't have a company to host it.
  • How to get to the top of major search engines and what it takes to stay there.
  • The next best thing to do if you can't get to the top of search engines and how it may produce even better results.
  • Secret competitive tactics that reveal exactly how all your competition is getting their business and how you can capitalize on that information.
  • How to create a subscription form for your email newsletter, even if you know little or nothing about programming.
  • How to design meta tags that will attract the most visitors to your site.
  • Why you MUST have a good title for your web site and how to come up with one.
  • Which search engines you should pay attention to and which you should not.
  • How to get good products with high margins to sell on your site.
  • How to put your newsletter subscribe/unsubscribe on auto-pilot.
  • How to put up a discussion board for next to nothing and have it producing better than your e-zine.
  • Where to find FREE graphics to use on your site.
  • Know how to monitor where you are on the search engines.
  • How to get FREE statistics about where visitors to your site are coming from and other VITAL info.
  • How to decide whether to have a background on your site or not.
  • How to know which backgrounds are better than others -- it has nothing to do with how visually attractive they are.
  • Where to get free backgrounds for your site.
  • Which web site designs come off making your site look professional and which ones make you look like an amateur.
  • Why a simple name change can dramatically increase subscribers to your e-zine.
  • When you should send out your newsletter yourself and when you should get it sent out automatically by an inexpensive service.
  • How to get top quality content for your newsletter without paying a dime for it.
  • Why and when you should write your newsletter yourself.
  • How to make the content of your newsletter valuable.
  • How much advertising you should allow in your newsletter, if any.
  • Where to find people and companies who will pay to advertise in your newsletter.
  • What percentage of your newsletter can be promotional without losing subscribers.
  • A rule of thumb that can forecast how much money you can expect to be making by using a newsletter.
  • Which e-zines YOU should advertise in to get the best response.
  • How to get your e-zine noticed, even if no one knows who you are.
  • The best ways to convert your e-zine subscribers to buyers.
  • What percentage of promotion/advertising to allow in your e-zine.
  • How to add pictures/graphics to your e-zine.
  • What are the best directories in which to get your e-zine registered.
  • What you should say in a welcome message to new subscribers of your e-zine.
  • How to respond to unsubscribers in a way that will endear them to you -- and may even win them back.
  • How to promote your e-zine to newsgroups without offending the group.
  • A simple script you can get for free and put on your website that will get tons of people sending their friends to visit your site.
  • How to get someone to write your e-zine for you.
  • The best way to find someone to create and maintain the technical details of your e-zine at a reasonable cost.
  • When to start charging for the products/services you promote in your e-zine.
  • How to add low/no cost premiums to stimulate e-zine subscriptions and where to get them.
  • Where to find free or low-cost classified advertising sites to advertise your site/e-zine.
  • How to find other e-zines to trade web/e-zine promotions with and what you should say when you approach them.
  • How to keep your costs down on developing your web site.
  • How to keep your costs down on developing your e-zine.
  • When you should include your picture on your web site and when you should not.
  • How to learn HTML without spending a lot of time or money on it and why you should do this even if you have a fancy WYSIWYG program.
  • The most important sales generating tool you can have and how to get it for next to nothing.

As you can see from this list, the topics presented will be the ones that are of most value to you. We didn't talk about spending tons of money on banners that don't produce results or throwing wads of cash at graphic artists to make your site pretty (and pretty ineffective I might add).

No. What you get are only the hard facts you need to know to make your site VERY PROFITABLE.

That's what this seminar is all about

And you can tell by the speaker line up that you will be getting what you want. Who are they?

I'll get to that shortly. But first, I want to tell you about the valuable FREE gift I promised you at the beginning of this letter. Beside each of the speakers is their URL. Go visit each and you will gain a wealth of information about being successful on the net, even if you never buy the Home Study package. But, of course, we hope you DO get it. And we'll make sure it's worth your while in terms of new and valuable information that you can't get on these websites. Anyway, here is the list of the speakers:

Corey is one of the most successful Internet marketers today. He is the author of "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet," one of the most widely sold courses on the subject with over 10,000 affiliates who promote the product. He sells several different products to widely different marketplaces and gets over 300,000 visitors to his sites each month, generating $5.2 million in annual sales. This is the first time Corey revealed his marketing secrets on video tape.

Ed's been awarded the title of "The Most Requested Speaker on Internet Marketing" by Five Star Speakers & Trainers. He gives about 110 Internet talks a year. Ed's a personal friend of mine and the publisher of Ed Taylor's Internet Marketing Newsletter, the first Internet newsletter/e-zine I ever subscribed to. If any one person knows what really works on the Internet and what doesn't, Ed is that person.

I've read just about everything the experts have put out about e-commerce. And they've got one central concept ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!! At the seminar Ed revealed exactly what that is. It's a "BREAKTHROUGH" that is going to ROCK the industry. He told me he mentioned this recently on a panel discussion with other experts, just to test it out. After they heard what he had to say their mouths hung open. They couldn't believe that he refutes one of the industry's cardinal rules. It's totally contrary to existing beliefs. Then he asked which of them have actually run tests and guess what? None of them have. Ed's tested this one every which way, so he knows exactly how it works and everything else you need to know about it. This one fact alone could very well pay for the entire course -- and then some.

Marlon's product "The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy" was ranked #1 on for 4 consecutive months this year. It always ranks in the top 10. He commands $1000.00 an hour for consulting and has been dubbed Marlon "The Truth" Sanders because he is known for cutting through the BS and exposing the truth. While he doesn't make millions, his claim to fame is he makes a very healthy six-figure income while only working an hour a day. He will demonstrate how to take the afternoon off EVERY afternoon. I like to refer to him as the Right-Reverend Sanders. What he says is GOSPEL!!!

Jonathan is one of the top marketers on the Internet today. As Marlon Sanders says: "Jonathan's methods are positively insane! He teaches the stuff everyone else is afraid to, all the forbidden fruit! E-mail, search engine tricks, and lead generation techniques that are incredibly effective at bringing home the bacon!" Thousands have subscribed to Jonathan's newsletter at $195.00/year and he charges $3,000.00 for his seminars. Pay very close attention to what he says. He's one of the most experienced Internet marketers today and he knows exactly what works and what doesn't.

Kirt is another friend of mine who really knows his stuff. He's been the marketing genius behind four Internet companies. One of them, Icentral, started out barely making $20,000 in sales per year when Kirt started working with them. Within 4 1/2 months he had them up to $244,000.00!!! And on May 1, 1998 the company was bought out for $11,000,000.00!!! It's now called Open Market ( and they sell the line of ShopSite Software -- a high end shopping cart program.

One of Kirt's "smaller" businesses was a site that sold supplies to paintball enthusiasts. The site was set up in such a way that Kirt didn't have to send the orders out. It pretty much ran on automatic. In a few short months he was able to get sales up to $40-50,000 a month. Then he sold it. Kirt shares his secrets with you. He's a person who, every time I talk with him on the phone, I learn something new.

Nicholas is another master Internet marketer who publishes a DAILY e-zine (how does he do it?) called The Daily Profitstream. Not only that but he also hosts e-commerce websites running on his own servers -- I believe he has four so far. Many of the more popular e-zine publishers and web site owners are using his packages to run their sites. He's a big believer in the "theme" approach and you can learn a lot about what to do right by just listening to him describe it. He's worked on some powerful web development projects and will share some pretty exciting concepts about what to do and what not to do to make your site a success.

Paulette started out selling "TIPS" booklets. Her first one (and only one, she reminds me) was on organizing your business life and had a print run of only 250. Since then she has sold more than a half-million booklets both on and off the Internet. She also runs a very active discussion board about the subject. Check it out at: and you'll get introduced to a discussion board that actually makes money! Novel idea.

Shawn Casey is known as the attorney who has taught thousands of people how to make millions of dollars. He is a nationally recognized expert on small business matters who has the ability to explain complicated business concepts so that anyone can understand and use them.

From 1995 through 1999, Shawn was the CEO and President of Success Development International, Inc. (SDI). Under his leadership, they grew rapidly and were named to Inc. Magazine's Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in America twice (152nd in '96 & 195th in '97). In 1999, SDI went public with a market capitalization of $57,000,000.

Following the public offering and acquisition, Shawn founded an Internet e-commerce business called Success Management Corporation.

Shawn has developed several books, audio and video tapes, and seminars. He addresses thousands of entrepreneurs each year and continues to share with them his methodologies to help them maximize their business profits both on and off the Internet. He has also written numerous articles for national magazines and newsletters and has been interviewed extensively by newspapers and business journals. His informative articles on marketing and sales have been published to over 1,000,000 people through Internet newsletters alone.

David Beroff is the founder of, one of the hottest site on the net. He has over 50,000 webmasters using the forms he gives away FREE on his site. Jim Daniels, of the BizWeb Gazette, says that this site is the "most effective, targeted advertising network I've seen in my three years of Internet Marketing."

Beroff's been writing software since the age of 11, and by the age of 18, he was teaching second-year Computer Science classes at Rutgers University. In early 1995, he became the first person in the world to buy promissory notes on the Web, and he's been cutting new Internet territory ever since. is so popular that it gets 500,000 page views each and every month. Yes, that's a half-million; that's not a misprint. And we've struck a deal with David where this will be the FIRST seminar where he will disclose EXACTLY how he did this. He's also going to reveal the secret of how he can guarantee a 5% CTR (Click-Through Ratio) in a world where the average is one tenth of that. You won't want to miss THIS presentationl!!

Marty is a successful full-time Internet entrepreneur and internationally-known author/writer. In addition to publishing his own very popular and informative e-zine, he has taught effective business success strategies to thousands around the globe - through his syndicated "how-to" articles (including large-circulation national magazines, such as those found on newsstands), and various information products. Marty's latest accomplishment is a 288 page, professionally printed handbook called The Internet Marketing Goldmine and it's Marty's best masterpiece so far.

David is the founder of the Options Learning Institute which uses the G.O.A.L. (Goal Oriented Accelerated Learning) Training system to help professionals start successful businesses, or turn around their failing practices...and do it fast. For the past 3 years he's been helping professionals and small businesses to market and expand through the Internet. He shows you how to be a wealth builder rather than a debt attractor.

Here is just a small sample of what David covers:

-How to design your Internet business to attract well paying clients for your services and products.

  • How to avoid limits to your profit and learn to structure your business for the profit & lifestyle YOU want.
  • How to avoid losing your best clients and customers.
  • How to leverage your service business and grow - even though your hours are limited.
  • What makes an Internet site work, and how to avoid ending up with a site that doesn't.
  • The surprising keys to website business success that no one seems to talk about, and how you can learn to apply it.
  • How to use the Internet even if you hate marketing and don't like to sell.
  • How to make not just money - but INCOME STREAMS -- at conferences - even this one -- these are opportunities you don't want to miss!

Linda started out in the content business when she created the first version of the Biomedical and Healthcare Marketplace Guide, a data base catalog. She has worked for large and small technology companies, including Compaq (Digital Equipment Corp). and NewsEdge (Individual, Inc). Linda owned two of her own medical companies, I-Tech Instruments and Ophthalmix, Inc. and has run her own consulting business from her home. She is now at Wave Systems Corp as Director of Sales, Internet Services. Her MBA is from Clark University in Worcester, MA.

Ted Ciuba is a successful direct response marketer and copywriter, on and off the internet. His latest book, a must read, is titled “Mail and Grow Rich.” But the subtitle says it all: “How To Get Rich In “Mail Order” in the *Information Age.* He’ll show you how to make $3,288 in less than 1 hour using today’s simple technology tools like the phone, the fax, your computer, and the neighborhood copy machine, from home, in “Information Marketing.”

One thing that distinguishes Ted is his wide-based marketing experience. He’ll show you how to construct and adapt a “backend” to your web efforts to take your profits to the moon, including sharing with you the exact figures (to the penny) of how he earned over $100,000 from a single web customer beginning with a $337 sale.... So that you can immediately apply his techniques and hit the jackpot the very same way in your business!

Terrill is involved in developing and implementing Affiliate Store & Shopping Mall Web Sites on the Internet since 1993. As an Affiliate Partner with over 60 Affiliate Stores that he manages, currently he is expertly positioned to "Tell All" in how to Manage the data. He builds e-commerce web sites and has Affiliate Stores of his own. He will show you how to use Internet Systems to help AUTOMATICALLY run ALL of your Internet Related Activities If you PLAY or do BUSINESS on the Web, there are 3 things you do everyday that you would love to do in less time.

1. Manage - ALL of your World Wide Web Projects!!!
2. Administer - ALL of your Affiliate Partner Programs and "Online Malls & Stores"
3. Follow-Up with WWW Clients, Prospects and Contacts

He shows you how to do all of these things super effeciently using innovative software.

Then there's me. For those of you who don't know me, please refer to my website (above) and look up my short bio. Just click on the "BIO" icon near the bottom of the left column.

Just briefly, I'm a freelance copywriter, marketing expert and web designer. I've been involved in the personal computer industry since the beginning (1975). I publish a FREE e-zine called "AdSECRETS: Advertising and Marketing Secrets that Attract Buyers to Your Business, On and Off the Internet." (To subscribe, visit:


Whew! That's quite a line-up. We had 15 of the top Internet marketing experts in the world. And there were NO breakout sessions! That means you didn't have to choose between two speakers presenting at the same time. Only one presentation at a time to the entire audience.

So, get ready to learn from the most profitable Internet marketing conference EVER!!!

This is the kind of Internet marketing information you can't afford to be without. Imagine having assembled in one place all the top Internet marketing experts. Remember, these are NOT CEOs of Fortune 500 companies who throw hundreds of thousands at their websites to get them to work. No. I'm talking about gutsy entrepreneurs who have built the most successful Internet businesses, often working with budgets so low they would shock the critics.

Now, if you have been looking into other Internet seminars, you know the price is usually well over $1500.00. I just got a promotion for one that is $5,000.00!!! But I priced this one so you don't have to mortage your house to benefit from it. The Home Study version is only $1197.00. However, as a special discount to patrons of this site who order on or before the end of this month, you can have the entire set of videos with accompanying audios of the seminar and bonuses for ONLY $497. That's 3 entire days, over 20 hours of video (with soundtrack on audio for listening in your car) filled with the most amazing Internet marketing experts for less than it would cost you to take a typical college course. And you get to experience the insider secrets of 15 different speakers who are Internet marketing experts!!! Nowhere else and in no other way could you get this information.

As an extra bonus, you will also receive FREE a CDROM worth $99 that contains thousands of dollars worth of Internet marketing resources, including a publicity database that alone is worth $149.95.

This database gives you thousands of names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and websites of publicity contacts.

The CDROM will also contain dozens of E-books and hundreds of excellent articles on Internet marketing, thousands of links to valuable resources, entire websites you can explore offline at much higher speeds than you do online, and well, we're adding so much stuff to this CD that it will truly live up to it's name, which is: The ULTIMATE Internet Marketing Resource CD. It's yours FREE when you purchase before December 1st..

You can buy the Home Study version of the SuperConference right NOW by using the following


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Please do this NOW while it is fresh in your mind. Act quickly to take advantage of this super low price for the Home Study version of YOUR MOST PROFITABLE Internet marketing seminar of all time.

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti

P.S. -- As an EXTRA BONUS, you will also receive the following 6 bonuses.

BONUS #1: Gary Schliesmann's "Getting Online Exposure For Your Business With Competitive Intelligence." -- This is the HOTTEST e-zine issue I've EVER seen. It shows you step-by-step how to bring massive amounts of subscribers into your e-zine or website. It does that by showing you how to track down and use ALL the sources that are currently working for every business like yours (yes, including your competitors'). This is the "legendary" article you may have heard about. But you can't get it on the net.

BONUSES #2 & #3: Two issues of Gary Halbert's famous (hardcopy) newsletter. Gary is one of the top copywriters and marketing experts in the world. He's a legend in his own time, having generated MILLIONS of dollars in sales through promotions to MILLIONS of people (for himself and his clients). His newsletter normally cost $195 per year and back issues sell for $25.00 each. The two issues you will receive are the two best issues he's ever done since he started publishing in 1987.

You won't find any of the above IMMEDIATE BONUSES ANYWHERE on the Internet. And their value is priceless if you just put them to use.

BONUSES #4, #5 & #6: Bob Willmann's new e-book, "Turn Your Newsletter Into a GOLD MINE!" plus the two bonuses that go with it. Be sure to read all about this e-book by going to: and you'll see that it is a MUST HAVE! This is currently being sold for $29.99 + $3.00 s/h, so it's a solid $32.99 value!

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And, you'll get his FREE Bonus #2: A reseller program where you can make up to 33% commission on every copy of the e-book you sell!


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