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Dear Friend,

The gold rush is on and itís called the Internet. If you want to stake your claim to the riches, youíll want to get the HOME STUDY/Taped version of the Internet Marketing SuperConference held over three days at Caesarís Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Like the gold rush in the Old West there is a window of opportunity to make your fortune on the Internet Ė

"IF" You Know What Youíre Doing

Thatís a big IF, because, like the gold rush, most people rushing to the Internet will not strike it rich. And thatís because they wonít have the little-known "insider" secrets necessary to succeed.

Listen, if this were the stock market, this information would be considered an unfair advantage and would be illegal. But this isnít the stock market, itís the Internet and, so far, no oneís made any laws against having this "insider" information.

You just need to find the people who are willing to share Ė

What Works And What Doesnít
When It Comes To Internet Marketing

And thatís what this seminar is all about. Youíll discover the secret insider techniques used by successful Internet marketers to strike the mother lode. Youíll be able to put these same techniques to use in ANY business -- your own or someone elseís. And youíll know how to pick the kinds of products that get the cash flowing rapidly into YOUR pockets.

Donít hesitate. Things are moving too fast to figure it out all by yourself. With the intense competition on the Net, "you snooze, you lose," is the name of the game. If you expect to get your share of the Internet GOLD, you will HAVE to know what works and what doesnít Ė right NOW. And for that thereís no better place to find out than from the horseís mouth Ė people who are actually doing it. THATíS the focus of THIS seminar.

This Seminar Is About One Thing And One Thing ONLY:
What It Takes To Be Successful On The Internet

Hereís what Sharon Crain had to say about our last seminar:

"Terrific mix of speakers! High content yet highly entertaining speakers with cutting edge content. Practical and immediately usable ways to make money! Great opportunity to network with the BEST!"

The speakers youíll hear from have, with one exception, started with little or no capital and have built sites that NOW pull in six and seven figure incomes. (The one exception discovered that all his millions didnít help until he started thinking like an entrepreneur Ė one who did NOT have much capital). Each of the speakers will tell you how itís done. And they know because they are doing it themselves Ė RIGHT NOW!!!

For example, youíll hear about one entrepreneur who currently makes two million dollars a year from his site. Whatís the size of his staff? Just one Ė himself. And how many hours a day does he work? Just one!!! Yes, you read that right. Working just one hour a day he earns two million dollars a year. How does he do it? Get this seminar on tape and find out how.. What youíll learn from this presentation alone is more than worth the price of the seminar.

But thatís not all youíll get. No. Youíll get one heck of a lot more.

You may be wondering if you can find this same kind of information by just surfing around the web and getting it for free. Not a chance. Hereís what Mike Balzotti from Crain & Associates discovered during our last seminar:

"I learned more about Internet marketing in the 3 day conference than in the past 5 years of paying attention to everything I could find on the subject."

And hereís what Gary Gee had to say:

"Best Internet conference I have ever attended. Practical and profitable advice from people who have made it big on the Internet. The contacts Iíve made at this conference were worth the price of admission."

Now let me introduce the speakers. Youíve read their email newsletters, youíve visited their web sites, you may even be one of their affiliate partners or bought products from them, now you can meet them in person and hear what they have to say as they reveal all their most closely held Internet marketing secrets:

Corey is one of the most successful Internet marketers today. He is the author of "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet," one of the most widely sold courses on the subject with over 10,000 affiliates who promote the product. His sites, almost all of which run on automatic, sell several different products to widely different marketplaces and bring in over 8 million unique visitors each year, generating $5.2 million in annual sales. Corey was the "Mystery" speaker at our last seminar.

This best-selling author ("Nothing Down", "The Challenge" and "Creating Wealth") has put out yet another book headed for the best seller's list ("Multiple Streams of Income") and will talk about "Cracking the Code" with information products and the Internet, as well as the secrets of how he generated $98,000.00 in sales in 24 hours. I've known Bob for several years and he's one of the top wealth creators around. You'll want to know what he's discovered that works on the Internet.

Ed is "The Most Requested Speaker on Internet Marketing." He gives about 110 Internet talks a year. Ed's a personal friend of mine and the publisher of Ed Taylor's Internet Marketing Newsletter, the first Internet newsletter/e-zine I ever subscribed to. If any one person knows what really works on the Internet and what doesn't, Ed is that person.

I've read just about everything the experts have put out about e-commerce. And they've got one central concept ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!! At the seminar Ed will reveal exactly what that is. It's a "BREAKTHROUGH" that is going to ROCK the industry. He told me he mentioned this recently on a panel discussion with other experts, just to test it out. After they heard what he had to say their mouths hung open. They couldn't believe that he refutes one of the industry's cardinal rules. It's totally contrary to existing beliefs. Then he asked which of them have actually run tests and guess what? None of them have. Ed's tested this one every which way, so he knows exactly how it works and everything else you need to know about it. This one fact alone could very well pay for the entire course -- and then some.

Jonathan is the master of targeted opt-in e-mail. Imagine being able to generate cash on demand, whenever you need it! Jonathan has performed over 200 major e-mail campaigns for companies like Microsoft,, Intel, and American Express Ė not using "BIG COMPANY" techniques but gutsy little entrepreneurial techniques that any person or small company could use. He has learned how to harness the incredible power of targeted opt-in e-mail. You'll discover easy-to-follow guidelines for implementing your own selling system. Plus, you'll be able to review real life case studies from different e-mail campaigns. As Marlon Sanders says: "Jonathan teaches the stuff everyone else is afraid to, all the forbidden fruit! E-mail, search engine tricks, and lead generation techniques that are incredibly effective at bringing home the bacon!" Thousands have subscribed to Jonathan's newsletter at $195.00/year and he charges as much as $3,000.00 for his seminars. Pay very close attention to what he says. He's one of the most experienced Internet marketers today and he knows exactly what works and what doesn't Ė through actual experience.

Marlon's product "The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy" was ranked #1 on for 4 consecutive months recently. It always ranks in the top 10. He commands $1000.00 an hour for consulting and has been dubbed Marlon "The Truth" Sanders because he is known for cutting through the BS and exposing the truth. While he doesn't make millions, his claim to fame is he makes a very healthy six-figure income while only working an hour a day. He will demonstrate how to put YOUR SITE on automatic and take the afternoon off EVERY afternoon. I like to refer to him as the Right-Reverend Sanders because what he says is GOSPEL!!!

Nicholas is another master Internet marketer who publishes a DAILY e-zine (how does he do it?) called The Daily Profitstream. Not only that but he also hosts e-commerce websites running on his own servers. Many of the more popular e-zine publishers and web site owners are using his packages to run their sites. He's a big believer in the "theme" approach and you can learn a lot about what to do right by just listening to him describe it. He's worked on some powerful web development projects and will share some pretty exciting concepts about what to do and what not to do to make your site a success.

Recently our mystery millionaire was paid $25,000.00 to speak about the Internet for an hour at a conference at the Jacob Javits center in New York City (the Javits center is the biggest conference facility in New York and one of the biggest in the world Ė itís where all the major conferences and exhibitions in the city are held). The audience was so intrigued and impressed, they demanded that he come back and he spoke for another two hours. Although he owns two businesses in the health/insurance area (one with 470 thousand customers and the other with 1 million 770 thousand customers), when he threw thousands of dollars at a web site promoting his self-published book on marketing, he found out that it took more than money to get it to work. What did it take? Thatís just one of the insider secrets he revealed at the seminar. Now, that same site brings in $3,000.00 a week in sales. Thatís an amazing $12,000.00 a month, $144,000.00 a year! One site, one book. And just as an aside, heíll also show you how he built the subscriber base of his Marketing Tips ezine up to 265,000 in just six months.

And myself, CARL GALLETTI (
Iíve been a freelance copywriter and marketing expert since 1987, working with people like Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Jeff Paul, Robert Allen and others. Most people know me primarily for my marketing and copywriting but I was a major contributor and innovator in the personal computer field before I ever became a marketing expert. Iíll skip the details here. If youíre interested in more, read my short bio on my web site:

Anyway, now Iíve combined my skills in both areas and applied them to the Net. And if you read my bio you know that one of my skills is in assembling top-notch talent. As you can see, Iíve done that for this seminar.


This is one taped product you canít afford to miss. Imagine having assembled in one place all the top Internet marketing experts. These are NOT CEOs of Fortune 500 companies who throw hundreds of thousands of dollars at their web sites. No. Iím talking about gutsy entrepreneurs who have built the most successful Internet businesses, often working with budgets so low they would shock the critics.

What YOU Can Expect from the Seminar

As you can tell from the speaker lineup, you will be getting very powerful information. To be more detailed Iíd like to give you some specifics of what will be covered.

This should give you a good idea of the quality and quantity of what youíll be getting.

  • $75,000.00/month System -- The details of a system that currently brings in $75,000.00 a month on the Internet. The system generates a 7% response rate (7% of the visitors to the site actually buy a $150.00 product within 30 days). There is currently only one site on the Net using this method but Iím close to finishing a second. This is a technique that can be used by practically any business and is ideally suited to being automated on the Net. What do you need to implement a similar system for your product or business? Find out on the tapes..
  • How to give your book away and make more money than if you sold it outright. This is a special technique which I developed just for the Internet (it doesnít work anywhere else). No one else is doing this and you will be the first to hear about it. The technique is SO POWERFUL it could easily change the way books are sold on the Internet in the future. And, I repeat, NO ONE is currently doing this. So, you have the opportunity to be in on a ground floor concept.
  • Iíll also be presenting another system which Iíve developed to market certain types of information products. Iíve used this successfully off the Internet and, although variations of it have been used on the Net, most people donít know how to make it work properly. On this taped seminar youíll find out exactly what makes this work and how to engineer your product to take advantage of this powerful technique.
  • Then Iíll show you how to protect any information product from being stolen. This could easily save you thousands of dollars in lost profits.
  • The One Little-Known Publication That Contains All The Search Engine Positioning Secrets You Need To Know And How You Can Get it for FREE: After spending years trying to crack the code on this one, I discovered this publication that made me an expert in one reading. Iíll present a quick summary of the most important search engine secrets you'll need to know and Iíll show you how to get your hands on a copy of the publication for free.
  • The most often overlooked strategy in search engine positioning (because it has nothing to do with what is on your web site or what you submit to the search engines) Ė and how you can use it to leapfrog over your competition.
  • How to build a relationship with your web site visitors to a point where they would almost rather burn their money than spend it with your competition.

    And even moreÖ
  • How To Solve The Most Troubling Web Marketing Dilemma.
  • How To Get The Visitors To Your Site To Return Over And Over Again.
  • An Ethical Way To Steal Traffic Away From Sites That Rank Higher In Search Engines Than Yours
  • How To Determine The Amount Of Money You Can Make From An E-Zine And How To Multiply That Amount Astronomically.
  • The 7 Most Effective Techniques For Getting Tons Of Visitors To Your Site.
  • The One Most Effective Way To Generate Sales For Your Product Ė This One Works Both On and Off The Net
  • How To Get Visitors To Your Site To Buy Your Product(s), Regardless Of How Long They Stay.
  • How To Quickly Attract Thousands Of Qualified Buyers To Your Web Site Ė People Who Will Actually Spend Money Once They Get There.
  • How To Get Credit Cards Verified On Line Without Paying Exorbitant Fees.
  • How To Find Places That Will Almost Instantly List Your Web Site For Free And Immediately Start Delivering Hoards Of Qualified Visitors With Money To Spend.
  • The Hidden Factor In Web Design That Will Either Kill Your Response If You Ignore It Or Multiply Response If You Do One Simple, Inexpensive Thing.
  • Three Things Your Web Site MUST Have If You Expect To Make Any Money With It.
  • The Most Effective Tool For Getting Visitors To Spend Money At Your Site.
  • What You Absolutely Need To Know About E-Commerce And What You Should Definitely Ignore Even Though The "Experts" Say Otherwise.
  • Why And When You Should Design Your Own Web Site.
  • How To Keep Your Competition (And Everyone Else) From Stealing Your Top 10 Position On The Search Engines.

    And even moreÖ
  • The Next Best Thing To Do If You Can't Get To The Top Of Search Engines And How To Get It To Produce Even Better Results.
  • Secret Competitive Tactics That Reveal Exactly How All Your Competition Is Getting Their Business And How You Can Capitalize On That Information.
  • How To Find Out Where Your Siteís Visitors Are Coming From And What You Need To Do To Increase The Traffic.
  • Techniques That Dramatically Increase Subscribers To Your E-Zine.
  • Why You May Not Want To Accept Any Advertising In Your E-zine.
  • Why And When You Should Write Your Newsletter Yourself.
  • How To Make The Content Of Your Newsletter Valuable.
  • How Much Advertising You Should Allow In Your Newsletter, If Any, And Why.
  • Where To Find People And Companies Who Will Pay To Advertise In Your Newsletter.
  • The Best Ways To Convert Your E-Zine Subscribers To Buyers.
  • The Best Places And Ways To Promote Your E-Zine, Web Site, E-Book Or Any Other Internet Product/Service.
  • Why You Should NOT Promote Your Products Directly And What You Should Promote Instead Because It Generates More Sales For Your Products.
  • How To Respond To E-Zine Unsubscribers In A Way That Will Endear Them To You -- And May Even Win Them Back.
  • A Simple Script You Can Get For Free And Put On Your Web site That Will Get Lots Of People Sending Their Friends To Visit Your Site.
  • How To Add High Perceived Value, Low/No Cost Premiums To Stimulate Your E-Zine Subscriptions And Where To Get Them.
  • Where To Find Free Or Low-Cost Classified Advertising Sites To Advertise Your Site/E-Zine.
  • The Most Important Sales Generating Tool You Can Have And How To Get It For FREE.
  • How To Get Hundreds (Maybe Even Thousands) Of Sites Promoting Your Product(s) Without Investing An Extra Dime In Promotion.
  • Why Your Banner Advertising Isnít Paying Off And A Simple Little Trick That Can Quadruple Its Results.
  • Secrets Of Opt-In Email That Could Make You Rich!
  • What You Need To Know About Affiliate Programs That Make It Simple and Easy To Generate Tons of Sales Almost Overnight!
  • All The Resources And Know-How You Need To Put Your Entire Site on Automatic: from signing up affiliates, to taking the order, processing the credit card, paying commissions and even delivering the product

Applying just about a ny one of the above pieces of information will multiply your personal profits by more than the cost of this product. And you get all of the above and more!!! You will definitely want this tape set if you are at all serious about making money on the net.

And as an added bonus for acting quickly, weíll be including some VERY DESIRABLE BONUSES. See below.

So, get ready to view the tapes of the most profitable Internet marketing conference EVER!!! If you have been looking into other Internet seminars, you know the price for a quality seminar can go as high as $1500.00-$5,000.00. But we priced this one so that was very affordable. That why we can price the tapes for the entire 3-day event so low.

"Over the years I have attended a lot of seminars on a lot of different subjects. I can say without any reservation that the Internet Marketing SuperConference has been the most valuable seminar I have attended. I have learned enough from just one of the speakers to fully pay for the cost of the seminar, my hotel stay and my airline ticket." -- Bruce Nimmo

Nearly 200 people paid $597.00 each to attend this seminar. Plus, they had to pay for airfare, hotel (at $140+/day), meals and other expenses. However, by investing in this Home Study version of the program, you only pay $497.00. That's 3 days filled with the most amazing Internet marketing experts for less than it would cost you to take a typical college course. (And you wonít get this quality of information in ANY college courseÖ or anywhere else for that matter).

As an extra bonus for acting during this special promotional period, you will also receive a FREE CDROM:

The ULTIMATE Internet Marketing Resource CDROM
(value $99)

This CDROM contains tons of Internet marketing resources, including a publicity database that alone is worth $149.95 (that's the price I sell it for in my catalog). This database gives you thousands of publicity contacts, including names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and web sites, if they have them.

The CDROM also contains 119 royalty-free E-books and 547 royalty-free articles you can use for your own E-books, web site or E-zine -- for content or promotional incentives, a directory of one million wholesalers, over 100 megabytes of clip art, links to over 770 search engines/directories, dozens of programs (including one that automatically generates hundreds of top ranking Doorway pages for your web site in seconds and another that automates your emailing to your customers and which can also be used to send your ezine!) and lots more. Click here: for more details.

It's Yours FREE If You Act Quickly

Another bonus is our private affiliate program. This is only open to seminar attendees and people who purchase this Home Study taped version. It entitles you to a 40% commission on the video/audio/CD tape package of the seminar. It works just like any other affiliate program, you send a customer our way, we track it with your ID number, and whenever someone buys, you get paid 40% of the selling price. This one bonus could easily pay you back for the entire seminar with only 3 sales!!!

Thatís like attending the Home Study Course for FREE. Everything after that is profit. This bonus is only available during this special promotion. So, act NOW!

Itís easy to place your order. Just click on the link to the SECURE Order Form (The BIG YELLOW BOX) below.

Please do it NOW while it is fresh in your mind. This promotion will only be available for a limited time. Act quickly. I look forward to hearing about the success you have from studying this MOST PROFITABLE Internet marketing seminar of all time.

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti
Carl Galletti

P.S. -- As an EXTRA BONUS, when you order this month, you will also receive the following 7 bonuses. Soon after you order you will receive an ID and PASSWORD to a site with the following bonuses that you can download immediately:

IMMEDIATE BONUS #1: A copy of the top selling email marketing course, "Insider Secrets to Email Marketing: How To Increase Your Traffic, Generate Leads, and Make More Sales Online" by Terry Dean. For more information on this course click here: This 158 page course has sold for up to $200 (and worth EVERY penny of it) and itís yours free when you register. You also get 4 extra bonuses that bring the total value to over $500.00!!!

IMMEDIATE BONUSES #2: Gary Schliesmann's "Getting Online Exposure For Your Business With Competitive Intelligence." -- This is the HOTTEST e-zine issue I've EVER seen! It shows you step-by-step how to bring massive amounts of subscribers to your e-zine or web site. It does that by showing you how to track down and use ALL the sources that are currently working for every business like yours (yes, including your competitors'). This is the "legendary" article you may have heard about. But you can't get it on the Net.

IMMEDIATE BONUSES #3: Two issues of Gary Halbert's famous (hardcopy) newsletter. Gary is one of the top copywriters and marketing experts in the world. He's a legend in his own time, having generated MILLIONS of dollars in sales through promotions to MILLIONS of people (for himself and his clients). His newsletter normally cost $195 per year and back issues sell for $25.00 each. The two issues you will receive are the two best issues he's ever done since he started publishing in 1987. Total value: $50.00.You won't find any of the above IMMEDIATE BONUSES ANYWHERE on the Internet. And their value is priceless if you just put them to use.

IMMEDIATE BONUSES #4, #5 & #6: Bob Willmann's new e-book, "Turn Your Newsletter Into a GOLD MINE!" plus the two bonuses that go with it. Be sure to read all about this e-book by going to: and you'll see that it is a MUST HAVE! This is currently being sold for $29.99 + $3.00 s/h, so it's a solid $32.99 value!Plus, you'll get his FREE Bonus #1: UNLIMITED access to his "Secret Newsletter Web site"! LOADED with fresh material, this web site has 250+ additional resources to help you MAKE MONEY with your e-zine! And, you'll get his FREE Bonus #2: A reseller program where you can make up to 33% commission on every copy of the e-book you sell!

IMMEDIATE BONUS #7: FREE Shopping Cart program. This is not some limited shareware version. You are allowed an unlimited number of products and transactions with this one. You can put this on just about any host, any bank, and any merchant account. And there is no set up fee.

If you have any trouble getting through, you can also contact me directly at:

Carl Galletti
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Phone: (928) 203-4671 --- FAX: (928) 203-0013

If you call me and get my voice mail, it's safe to leave your details on it because it's a secure line. I'm the only one with access to it. And Iíll return your call and confirm. But, if you'd rather speak to me in person, just leave a message and I'll return your call.

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