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What Attendees Have Had to Say:

"Terrific mix of speakers! High content yet highly entertaining speakers with cutting edge content. Practical and immediately usable ways to make money! Great opportunity to network with the BEST!"

-- Dr. Sharon Crain





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"I learned more about Internet marketing in the 3 day conference than in the past 5 years of paying attention to everything I could find on the subject."

-- Mike Balzotti








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"Best Internet conference I have ever attended. Practical and profitable advice from people who have made it big on the Internet. The contacts Iíve made at this conference were worth the price of admission."

-- Gary Gee











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"Over the years I have attended a lot of seminars on a lot of different subjects. I can say without any reservation that the Internet Marketing SuperConference has been the most valuable seminar I have attended. I have learned enough from just one of the speakers to fully pay for the cost of the seminar, my hotel stay and my airline ticket."

-- Bruce Nimmo















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Carl Galletti and PC Marketing Present...

Internet Marketing SuperConference III

Now available in the home study (taped) version

Featuring the following Internet Marketing Experts:
Corey Rudl, Jonathan Mizel, Robert Allen,
Derek Gehl, Terry Dean,
Yanik Silver, Bob Gatchel, Marlon Sanders, Markus Allen, Howard Cossman, Collin Almeida, David Ledoux, Darren Falter,
Bob Silber, Tom Antion, Dan Shafer,
George Tran, Christine Marie, Terrill Epps,
Lori Prokop, Fred Gleeck, Alex Carroll,
Wade Thomas, Ken Varga, Clay Cotton
Carl Galletti

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

Knowing the SECRETS of Internet Marketing is like having a license to PRINT MONEY!!!

Think I'm kidding? Listen to this...

Not too long ago one of the above speakers was making ZERO on the Internet -- until he discovered the SECRETS. Then he applied those secrets to his small little web site (just a couple pages) and...

Within 6 1/2 months he went from $0 to $51,351.94!!!

Not bad. But it didn't end there. He added another project and brought in an additional $14,223.25 within a month of its release. Then he refined his approach and added an additional $9,842.00 in the next 4 days. Long story short, he now makes a decent 6-FIGURE INCOME working from his home.

And it only takes him a few hours a week to maintain the site. That's because he's got...

  • No orders to fill
  • No products to ship
  • No bank deposits to fill out

How's this possible? It's because he's got an Internet business that's on AUTOMATIC. His web site does the selling, takes the orders, verifies payment, delivers the products to the customers and deposits the money in the bank. All he has to do once it's set up is figure out how to spend the money!!!

And he's only 27 years old! Maybe I'm venturing out on a limb here, but my opinion is: if he can do it, so can YOU. That's why I run these seminars.

I gather the DOers on the Internet and make them SPILL THEIR GUTS...tell YOU all they know about HOW TO MAKE WADS of MONEY on the Internet.

Or, maybe you already have a business with hard products or services to sell and want to figure out how to get a lot more traffic to your site. No problem because these experts have quite literally made millions that way. And they'll show you how to be successful by revealing THEIR SECRETS.

It was a dynamite seminar and now it can be yours on video and audio tape. Here are just SOME of the SECRETS that were revealed:

  • How To Get LOTS of BUYERS to Your Web Site
  • How To Get Them to BUY Once They Arrive
  • How To Get Them to BUY Even If They NEVER Come To Your Site!
  • How To Put Your Entire Business on AUTOMATIC -- the customer is promoted to, the order taken, the product delivered and the money deposited in your bank account while your sleeping (or at the beach, etc.)!!!
  • The NEXT BIG Money Maker on the Net!!!
  • Which Products are HOT SELLERS and How YOU Can Get Them Almost Instantly!
  • How To CREATE YOUR OWN hot sellers
  • Which Tools You'll NEED to Make Everything Run Smoothly
  • What You Need To Know About Affiliate Programs To Turn Them Into BIG MONEY MAKERS!
  • And LOTS, LOTS more (see more below)!!!

These experts are people who are actually DOING it. Most have started with a very small amount of money -- in some cases less than a hundred dollars -- and have built their businesses into 6-figure mini-empires (and still growing). Some have ventured into the 7-figure and above world.

I have to be honest with you. Not every one I know who is making money on the net is willing to share it with others. That's why I carefully researched every one of these experts and verified their abilities. Because of my experience and reputation in the industry, I am able to bring you only the VERY BEST of the BEST. I am able to get speakers to reveal things they normally wouldn't dream of revealing.

Each expert must pass three tests. They must know what they are talking about (i.e., be top EXPERTS in their area), they must be currently successful doing it and they must be willing to share their SECRETS with you.

This is the kind of information you REALLY need to transform your web site, business, and life into a rousing success. And that's what you'll get in this home study course.

Look. If you are at all serious about turning the Internet into your own personal money machine, you need the home study version of this seminar BECAUSE then and only then will you be able to find out these SECRETS for yourself and PROFIT WILDLY from the Internet.

You probably know some of these people -- especially the ones who have become a legend in their own time. But let me introduce you to each one so you can get a good feel for exactly how valuable they will be for your success:

Jonathan is THE EXPERT on targeted opt-in e-mail. He has performed over 200 major e-mail campaigns for companies like Disney, Microsoft,, Intel, and American Express. He KNOWS what works and what doesn't. And his techniques work for any size company, even individual entrepreneurs. You'll get easy-to-follow guidelines for implementing your own selling system. Plus, you'll be able to review real life case studies from different e-mail campaigns. Jonathan teaches the stuff everyone else overlooks! His methods are incredibly effective at bringing home the bacon! Thousands have subscribed to Jonathan's newsletter at $195.00/year and he charges as much as $5,000.00 for his seminars. Pay very close attention to what he says. He's one of the most savvy Internet marketers today.

This best-selling author ("Nothing Down", "The Challenge", "Creating Wealth" and "Multiple Streams of Income") has put out yet another book headed for the best seller's list ("Multiple Streams of Internet Income"). It's already hit #1 on Amazon. He'll talk about "Cracking the Code" with information products and the Internet, as well as the secrets of how he generated $94,532.44 in sales in 24 hours. I've known Robert for several years and he's one of the top wealth creators around. You'll want to know what he's found out about what works on the Internet. In his talk you'll also discover:

  • Why a presence on the Internet is NOT enough
  • How to set up your site so customers buy online
  • How to make your business look like a multimillion dollar corporation
  • How to create financial security ONLINE!!!

Terry is considered one of the top small business Internet consultants in the world today with over 36,000 subscribers to his Internet training newsletter from 47 different countries. He currently earns well into six figures a year while living what he likes to call the "Internet Lifestyle" (working only a few hours a week). His entire business runs almost completely on auto-pilot. Terry shows people why the biggest problem you run into online is not a lack of money or time - your biggest hindrance will be the world of misinformation about how easy it is to build an Internet business. He's proof you don't need a lot of money or a lot of time to build multiple streams of automatic Internet income. What you need is the right information. And that's what he shares with you.

Every morning when Yanik wakes up he finds orders waiting for him in his email box. Currently, averaging a hefty 6-figure income from this, his sales have just this month reached $21,663.27. Not bad for a couple hours a week worth of attention. Yanik will show you what he's done to achieve this and give you a blueprint so you can duplicate his success, including:

  • 14 easy to develop, "hot" digital products that are selling like crazy on the Net that you need to study and understand to make a bundle yourself
  • How to set up your website on "auto-pilot" to deliver your products to customers who order while you sit back, relax and figure out what you're going to do with all that money.
  • Which products you should consider selling over the net and why.
  • The 2 biggest lies about the Internet that need to be exposed so you don't lose your shirt making bad and uninformed decisions.
  • The exact formula he uses to get people to visit his website after it's been built... and all of it in a step-by-step, easy to follow formula.
  • What to use to track and test all of the critical parts of your website so you can get the maximum amount of revenue out of it.

MARLON SANDERS <-Click Here for More
Marlon's products consistently rank #1 on the various lists of affiliate programs. Now he's created what is undoubtedly the most lucrative affiliate program of all and his system demonstrates exactly how you should be promoting YOUR PRODUCTS. He reveals exactly how he's done it.

Marlon commands $1000.00 an hour for consulting because he cuts through the BS and gives you the bottom line what-to-do and how-to-do-it. He makes a very healthy 6-figure income while only working an hour a day. And he will also show you how YOU CAN put YOUR SITE on automatic and take the afternoon off -- EVERY afternoon!!!

Markus is the publisher of "The $10,000 Marketing Tip of the Day" ... A daily e-mail newsletter offering tips, ideas, and strategies guaranteed to generate $10,000 in new business in 7 weeks (or less). He's also the author of "101 Instant Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business," "How To Marketing with Postcards" and "How to Buy Mailing Lists Like a Pro."

Howard is the son of a friend of mine, the famous E. Joseph Cossman - author of the mega-bestseller "How I Made a Million Dollars in Mail Order" published by Simon & Schuster/Prentice-Hall. Howard has taken his father's information and brought it to the next level using the Internet/Web. He shows you how to build a multi-million dollar business through valuable contacts that you can find using the Internet.

Collin is Mr. Reprint Rights, the reprint rights guru. He moved to the US barely two years ago and has succeeded in building the largest royalty-free licensing website that has consistently earned him a high six figure income without spending a single dollar on advertising. And his web site ranks at the top of all the search engines. Want a product almost instantly? He can show you how to find, negotiate and purchase the best products at the lowest cost. Collin will show you how to evaluate whether a product will sell or not and whether it will sell well on the net.
Here's just a fraction of the other stuff he'll cover:

  • Exactly what licensing is and how you can use it to create multiple streams of income.
  • How he has used licensing to create one of the largest publishing-on-demand businesses in the country-you'll get the exact blueprint for you to follow.
  • How to create an entire "back-end" for your business, using nothing but licensed products.
  • Creative formatting. and positioning is the key to success in the licensing business-you'll discover everything you need to know to create a winner.
  • A clever little technique that makes "comparison shopping" of your products not only difficult but almost impossible.
  • A simple but powerful strategy that he uses to generate tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of hours. Use this strategy to create an instant surge in your cash flow whenever you need it-regardless of what business you are in.

George will show you everything you need to know about how to automate your sales of products and services. His information should not be missed! George will show you:

  • How to set up auto-responders to double or triple your response rates!!!
  • 5 simple tricks to get more visitors to your website
  • How to design your site to make its primary mission that of a you can be selling something, not GIVING IT AWAY
  • Ad tracking secrets that let you know for sure that you're not wasting your advertising dollars
  • Ways to get traffic and pay nothing for advertising and are guaranteed to work
  • Easy ways to completely automate your business
  • Secrets of VIRAL marketing and how to make it work for you
  • Inside secrets to using an automated system to convert a casual visitor into a customer for life

Here is a uniquely talented individual who was not only Ms. Michigan of 1997 but is also a former Young Mother of the Year. And not only is she beautiful and an award winning mother but she's also an expert marketer. I wanted her to speak about her latest project because it is way beyond what most people are doing on the net. She's created an interactive TV program that ties into her web site. It's taken the past two NATPE conferences by storm (NATPE stands for National Association of Television Programming Executives). And her web site is one of the most innovative I've ever seen. Pay attention folks. This is the future of the Internet and you need to listen to her story.

Tom is a professional entertainer and speaker who has done over 2000 PAID speaking engagements. But the reason we really want to hear from him is to find out how he has become an Internet EXPERT among his peer group (professional paid speakers). In a short time he's built a list of nearly 30,000 people who not only want to hear his message but actually spend anywhere from $20,000.00-$40,000.00 a month on his products and services. He's also going to tell us much more, including how he got 30,000 people so quickly and how he gets them to buy so much stuff from his web site.

There are currently thousands of affiliate programs and many are paying up to 50% commissions. Sharp business people in the retail segment would give their right arms for such margins. Plus, there's no inventory or shipping to worry about. Heck, you don't even have to take the order. But the key to making money with affiliate programs is to have a completely automated system of keeping track of the details of your and integrating it with powerful marketing tools that automate the process of marketing to your customer base. Terrill will show you how to do this so you can put it on automatic and maximize the amount of money you make from affiliate programs. And he'll show you how to get started for free.

Bobís a great example of someone whoís not just talking about the Internet dream, heís living it. He and his wife also work at home an average of 20 hours per week and produce an income well into the six figures. When they want more money, they work a bit harder. When they want to kick back, theyíve got no boss to tell them "NO". Bobís an expert in three things: 1) generating multiple streams of income; 2) using the Internet to build affiliate programs and 3) harnessing the power of automation to streamline his business and keep his hours to an absolute minimum. In addition to his own lucrative businesses, Bob consults with major figures in the network marketing industry as well as info and direct marketing pros like Robert Allen. In fact, Bob was the Webmaster for Robert Allen during a recent Internet Challenge that generated over $94,000 in sales in 24 hours!

Lori came to our last seminar as a total novice to the Internet -- she barely new how to send and receive her email messages. Yet, after what she learned at the seminar, she was able to implement a system that produced a cash flow of $60,000.00 in a month! She tells you her story so you can go out and do the same.

Don't have a product? Create your own. Fred will show you how to get this done expertly and quickly.

  • A simple strategy you can use to start generating product revenue immediately even if you don't currently have a product to sell.
  • A simple system to create a product in less than 8 hours that will sell for $195.
  • 7 Steps to creating a product in less than a day that could passively generate over $100,000 for you.
  • How to use the "funnel system" to double your income as an Internet marketer in 18 months or less.
  • How to increase your products sales by a minimum of 50% virtually overnight.
  • Website strategies that less than 1% of online marketers know or understand.
  • Setting up your product sales system on auto-pilot that requires the absolute minimum of effort on your part.

Alex is the top expert in the country on selling products via radio interviews. He has done over 1,112 interviews himself. In one three-week period he did 77 radio interviews and sold over $50,000 of his books. He shows you how to get interviewed so you can SELL your products and drive tons of traffic to your web site. He gives you a roadmap on how to do the exact same things he does to get stellar results. He shows you:

  • How to increase your chances of success by 50% or more
  • A step-by-step tested system for selling more products or services over the web that will make it infinitely easier for you to sell whatever you're selling over the radio
  • Why you need to be concentrating your efforts on certain stations and not others and which ones they are
  • Topics that have the greatest possibilities of getting you booked on radio and how to exploit these even if they aren't your PRIMARY topic
  • Which publications you should never advertise in and which you should definitely consider to increase the number of radio interviews that you land

Wade owns over 2,000 domain names and made over $56,000 last year alone just in domain names. ( $26,000 the year before ). He talks about two things. 1: How to make money buying and selling domain names. And, 2: His Step-By-Step Money Making System that shows YOU How to SELL WHILE YOU SLEEP.

Ken was paid $25,000.00 to speak about the Internet for an hour at a conference at the Jacob Javits center in New York City (the Javits center is the biggest conference facility in New York and one of the biggest in the world Ė itís where all the major conferences and exhibitions in the city are held). The audience was so intrigued and impressed, they demanded that he come back and he spoke for another two hours. Although he owns two businesses in the health/insurance area (one with 470 thousand customers and the other with 1 million 770 thousand customers), when he threw thousands of dollars at a web site promoting his self-published book on marketing, he found out that it took more than money to get it to work. What did it take? Thatís just one of the insider secrets heíll reveal at the seminar. Now, that same site brings in $3,000.00 a week in sales. Thatís an amazing $12,000.00 a month, $144,000.00 a year! One site, one book. And just as an aside, heíll also show you how he built the subscriber base of his Marketing Tips ezine up to 67,000 in just six months. Ken was last year's mystery millionaire and after his talk he had a CROWD of people around him wanting more.

Clay is an extraordinary musician and Internet marketer. As a musician he's played with the legends: Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Chuck Berry, B.B. King, Jerry Garcia, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, Steve Miller, The Allman Bros, Frank Zappa and many others. But when he got MS, he had turned to the Internet to make a living. As an Internet marketer he's built a unique system of selling leads that nets him $20,000.00 a month with very little effort. He shows you what it takes to go from novice to Internet success in the shortest possible time.

And myself,

Iíve been a freelance copywriter and marketing expert since 1987, working with people like Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Jeff Paul, Robert Allen and others. Most people know me primarily for my marketing and copywriting but I was a major contributor and innovator in the personal computer field before I ever became a marketing expert. Iíll skip the details here. If youíre interested in more, read the short bio on my web site:

Anyway, now Iíve combined my skills in both areas and applied them to the Net. And if you read my bio you know that one of my skills is in assembling top-notch talent. As you can see, Iíve done that for this seminar. Here are some of the topics I cover in my talk:

  • $75,000.00/month System -- Iíll be revealing the details of a system that currently brings in $75,000.00 a month on the Internet. The system generates a 7% response rate (7% of the visitors to the site actually buy a $150.00 product within 30 days). This is a technique that can be used by practically any business and is ideally suited to being automated on the Net.
  • How to give your book away and make more money than if you sold it outright. This is a special technique which I developed just for the Internet (it doesnít work anywhere else). No one else is doing this. The technique is SO POWERFUL it could easily change the way books are sold on the Internet in the future. And, I repeat, NO ONE is currently doing this. So, you have the opportunity to be in on a ground floor concept.
  • Iíll also be presenting another one of my unique systems which Iíve developed to market certain types of information products. I'll reveal exactly what makes this work and how to engineer your product to take advantage of this powerful technique.
  • Iíll show you how to protect any information product from being stolen. This could easily save you thousands of dollars in lost profits.


And remember, there will be NO breakout sessions so you won't have to choose between two speakers presenting at the same time. Only one presentation at a time to the entire audience.

These EXPERTS are this very minute using the Internet to make 6 and 7-figure incomes and are willing to share their SECRETS with you, IF you have these tapes.

Trust me. If you get this product, you will no longer have any excuses for not making a fortune on the net and living a leisurely, almost decadent, lifestyle that everyone you know will envy.

You will definitely want this home study tape set -- and you definitely can, IF YOU ACT QUICKLY because there is only a limited number of tape sets available.

After this seminar I only had a limited number of tape sets made so I don't have to be concerned about keeping an inventory of them on hand. Once these are sold, that's it. So, please get yours while they are available.

As an added bonus for acting quickly, you'll be getting some VERY DESIRABLE BONUSES. See below.

So, get for your most profitable Internet marketing experience EVER!!! If you have been looking into other Internet seminars, you know the price for a quality seminar can go as high as $5,000.00. But we've priced this one so that it's very affordable. The price to attend the original seminar was $777.00 for the 4-day event. Then there was airfare, hotel, meals and incidentals.

But as an owner of the HOME STUDY Taped version you pay only $597. It's got nearly 33 hours of VHS video tapes and the equivalent of audio tape cassettes filled with the most amazing Internet marketing secrets you've ever encountered. And all for less than it would cost you to take a typical college course. (And you wonít get this quality of information in ANY college courseÖ or anywhere else for that matter).

As an extra bonus, you will also receive the following:

  • A Publicity Database that alone is worth $149.95 (that's the price I sell it for in my catalog). This database gives you thousands of publicity contacts, including names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and web sites, if they have them.
  • 119 royalty-free E-books you can offer as bonuses for subscribinb to your ezine or visiting your web site
  • 547 royalty-free articles you can use for your own E-books, web sites or E-zines -- for content or promotional incentives
  • And MANY MORE SURPRISE bonuses!!!

They're Yours FREE If You Order NOW!!!

Another bonus is our private affiliate program. This is only open to purchasers of this home study program (and seminar attendees). It entitles you to a 40% commission on the video/audio/CD tape package of any of the Internet Marketing SuperConferences and the standard affiliate commission on any future live conference. It works just like any other affiliate program, you send a customer our way, we track it with your ID number, and whenever someone buys, you get paid 40% of the selling price. This one bonus could easily pay you back for the entire program with only 3 sales!!!

Thatís like getting this program for FREE. Everything after that is profit. And remember, this is only open to people who attend the seminar or buy the home study program. So, act NOW!

Itís easy to do. Just click here or in the yellow box below.

Do it NOW while it is fresh in your mind. We have limited quantities, so act quickly. This will be YOUR MOST PROFITABLE Internet marketing seminar of all time.

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti
Carl Galletti

P.S. -- As an EXTRA BONUS, when you buy now, you will also receive the following bonuses which you can download immediately:

IMMEDIATE BONUS #1: A copy of the top selling email marketing course, "Insider Secrets to Email Marketing: How To Increase Your Traffic, Generate Leads, and Make More Sales Online" by Terry Dean. For more information on this course click here: This 158 page course has sold for up to $200 (and worth EVERY penny of it) and itís yours free. You also get 4 extra bonuses that bring the total value to over $500.00!!!

IMMEDIATE BONUSES #2: Gary Schliesmann's "Getting Online Exposure For Your Business With Competitive Intelligence." -- This is the HOTTEST e-zine issue I've EVER seen! It shows you step-by-step how to bring massive amounts of subscribers to your e-zine or web site. It does that by showing you how to track down and use ALL the sources that are currently working for every business like yours (yes, including your competitors'). This is the "legendary" article you may have heard about. But you can't get it on the Net.

IMMEDIATE BONUSES #3: Two issues of Gary Halbert's famous (hardcopy) newsletter. Gary is one of the top copywriters and marketing experts in the world. He's a legend in his own time, having generated MILLIONS of dollars in sales through promotions to MILLIONS of people (for himself and his clients). His newsletter normally cost $195 per year and back issues sell for $25.00 each. The two issues you will receive are the two best issues he's ever done since he started publishing in 1987. Total value: $50.00.You won't find any of the above IMMEDIATE BONUSES ANYWHERE on the Internet. And their value is priceless if you just put them to use.

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Top Internet Marketer Carl Galletti