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"I highly endorse and recommend Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing SuperConference. If you are at all serious about being successful on the Internet, you must attend this conference. Lots of top quality speakers -- people who walk their talk. Lots of great information. Lots of joint venture opportunities. You owe it to yourself -- and your bank account -- to be there." -- Mark Joyner

Here is YOUR Panel of Experts:

  • Stephen A. Pierce - Author of "The Whole Truth About Internet Marketing", Creator of the "Smart Pages" that get you high ranking on Google.
  • James Maduk - Author of "Get Ranked 1st on Google", expert on "Webcasting"
  • Jim Edwards - Author of "Ebook Secrets Exposed", "How To Write A Book in 7 Days", and "33 Days To Online Profits"
  • Ben Prater - Author of "Software Secrets Exposed", "Elance Secrets Exposed", "NameRazor", "Dead Software"
  • Ryan Deiss - Author of "The Great Ezine Experiment", "Dead Software", etc.
  • Kirt Christensen - Author of "Buying Web Businesses", "Linking Strategies", and "Paid Membership Sites"
  • Armand Morin - Creator of "EbookGenerator", "EcoverGenerator", "Smart Page Generator", "Real Affiliate" and others.
  • Declan Dunn - Author of "Winning The Affiliate's Game" and "The Complete Insider's Guide To Associate & Affiliate Programs"
  • Randy Charach - Author of Niche Magic and a top expert on joint venture Internet marketing.
  • Ed Taylor - "The Most Requested Internet Marketing Speaker in the U.S."
  • Ted Ciuba - Author "How To Get Rich On The Internet", "Internet Joint Ventures", and "Internet Membership Sites."
  • Carl Galletti - Author of "Marketing Made-Easy" and "The Copywriter Protege Program" and host/founder of the "Internet Marketing SuperConference"
  • Jeff Walker - Originator of the offer that created a "6 Figure Income in 7 Days"

Dear Internet Marketer,

     This was the 5th year for the conference and it was the best one yet.

     Here's what I mean...

     A client of mine is a 21 year old high school dropout who went from $0 to $673,536 a year in less than 17 months. All with a little website that costs him less than $30 a month.

     His secret? The type of site he runs. Four of our expert panel members run similar sites and show YOU exactly how it's done. In detail.

$100,000.00+ per Month

     Another client of mine runs a website that brought in $50,000.00+ each and every month...until he made a simple change to it's structure...

     Now it brings in over $100,000.00 a month. I show you exactly how I designed the site and what the change was that doubled his sales. In detail.

Future Fortunes

     In the near future an amazing change will occur in how we sell products over the Internet. Those who are prepared will profit greatly. They will have an unfair advantage over everyone else (most of whom will get caught with their pants down on this one). One of our panel members shows you how to prepare for it...just like he is doing right now.

     You will not get this vital information at any other seminar...I know because I've been to them and no one is even coming close to discussing this. They just don't know about it.

High Search Engine Ranking

     Forget about spending thousands of dollars on ineffective advertising or search engine gurus who promise results that just don't happen.

     Several of our experts will take you step by step showing you exactly what you need to do to score big on the search engines and generate tons of targeted traffic. By the time they're done, you will be able to outsmart your competition and open up the flood gates of traffic looking for what you've got to sell.

Got Products?

     Don't have anything of your own to sell? Don't worry. We'll show you what the HOTTEST sellers are on the net and how YOU can create your very own, quickly and simply. We've got the five top experts in the world on this subject.

     Product creation is one of the most important parts of your Internet business. You need good products to attract paying customers and to credentialize yourself. We'll show you how to do all this.

Mystery Guest!!!

     Then there's the MYSTERY GUEST. He woke up one morning and realized he needed to make a LOT OF MONEY...real FAST. So, he thought up this offer and presented it to his modest list of people. Result? Seven days later he was $104,000.00 richer. He's going to take you through exactly how he did it. And he'll do it in sufficient detail so you can understand precisely how it works.

     Do you think you can use something like that?

The $4,000,000.00 Man

     Then there's the guy I like to call the "Four Million Dollar Man." That's because his first attempt at Internet marketing resulted in four million dollars in sales in just about 12 weeks. He's never explained how he did it at any other seminar and he shows you exactly what he did. Maybe there's something you can use here. You think?


     What's that? You say you don't have a list of people to promote to? That's OK because we show you several "inner circle" techniques that will have your ezine list going from zero to tens of thousands in less than 30 days.

    This is an insider technique that I've never heard of anyone in any seminar explain. Once you hear it described, you'll be amazed how easy and simple it is to do.

     And that's not all. We also show you how to convert all that traffic into a steady stream of cash.

How To Survive BIG On A Little List

    You know, not everyone needs to have a BIG list. In fact, there's a lot of wisdom in building a small but VERY RESPONSIVE list. You could make a very comfortable living, indeed, with only two thousand customers...IF you know the secrets that our panel discusses. They show you how to find the right two thousand or so people and how to get them to help build your own personal fortune on the Internet.

Want A Steady Stream of Income?

     Several of our panel explain what you need to do to stabilize your income (in other words, to make sure it comes in steadily, each and every month). They know. They're experts on the subject because that's what they've done with their own businesses. And at this seminar they show you everything you need to know to do the same for yourself.

Need A LOT Of Traffic?

    One of the panel routinely generates 8 million visitors to his sites on a daily basis (yes, that's not a misprint, it's MILLION). There are only a handful of companies in the world that can generate that kind of traffic. The difference here is that HE makes a profit (and he doesn't have a monopoly on the operating system you're using). In fact, over the last few years, during the biggest dot bomb fiasco in history, his company TRIPLED its sales.

    Have you got a product (or product idea) that can do well with exposure to 8 million people a day? If so, you're gonna want to hear what he has to say.

Integrated Ecommerce

    If you're really serious about making money online, you need to know how to integrate all of the functions you need to operate a profitable site. You could end up spending a ton of money by putting together your site in a piecemeal fashion.

    And that's why one of our panel will take you step by step in putting together your ecommerce system in a way that is much more powerful and much less expensive than any other way you could possibly do it.

    He's going to actually put the site together from scratch right before your eyes!

And Then The BIG Bonus:

    And if that isn't enough, when he's done, were going to give it to you. You put it up on your host and plug into the same type shopping cart system (the hooks will already be there) and you're good to go. Instant ecommerce. You start making money almost immediately with a site that's already done, including high quality products, responsive web pages, and all the support functions you need to generate a substantial income. By the way, this site is unique. It's custom designed at the seminar and only seminar attendees will have access to it, ever.

How Do I Know?

    Ever wonder how well your competitor's site is doing? Now you can know for sure. We're going to show you how to get, install and use a free little tool that will show you exactly how popular that site is -- in a very specific, quantifiable way. What's more, you can use the same tool to track down and contact excellent joint venture partners (this tool even gives you their name, address and phone number without leaving their site). We'll show you how to turn this into quite a comfortable income stream.

$30,000.00 Last Week

    As I am writing this, one of our speakers just made $30,000.00+ over the last week (and this promotion will continue to bring in money for quite some time -- this is just the first week). I'm going to have him tell you all about it because it's a classic marketing model that you need to know. And he won't leave any details out.

For more than 12 Hours of FREE TeleConference PREVIEWS

    Then I'm going to have him tell you how, the week before, he sent out an email and made $24,925.00. And, although this was a one shot deal, it can be repeated about once every month if he wants to. This is a marketing idea that only a few other people use. But he's added a twist to it and multiplied the result a hundred times what everyone else is getting out of it. He's going to give you the full details, including his little twist.

Be Your Own Internet Marketing Guru

    You know, it's probably enough that we give you the details of all these successful Internet marketing techniques that we know work, but what about you being able to come up with some of these on your own?

    We're going to have a team of speakers address this issue and show you how to research and develop your own money making to discover information that nobody else knows. Then, you'll be the guru and telling us what's working and how you did it and you can come tell us all about it at the next seminar. But even more important, YOU will be the source of new and innovative ideas.

    It's all done with a very new and exciting little tool that will show you (in a very specific way) what is working and what isn't. This tool alone won't do it for you. You'll need to know how to use it for this application. And that's exactly what this panel is going to show you how to do. If you saw nothing but just this presentation, the seminar would be worth a hundred times what you pay. Easily.

    Then, we're going to show you how to track readers through your email messages to see how and where they respond.

    And it's only one tiny little part of what you'll get.

Kick Your Internet Business Into High Gear!

    The Internet Marketing SuperConference V will give you what you need to multiply your results and start making some serious money online.

    With all the great things you'll learn at this seminar, it would be worth it if it cost thousands of dollars. In fact, what you'll get here will be a lot more useful (money making wise) than some seminars that charge $5,000 and more.

    And you could easily pay $3,000 for this same type of seminar and only get three days out of it, not four (actually four and a half, if you count the pre-seminar networking/cocktail party).

    But I'm not going to ask you to pay that much. I want this to be a no brainer for you, so I'm pricing it at $1297.

    What you'll get at this seminar is not anything you can get anywhere else. You will have the top Internet marketing experts focused on showing you the details of what works.

    If you expect to make money online, you will need to be at this seminar. You'll get the edge you need to succeed. Be there. It's easy to do. Just click here:

See you in Vegas. See you at the bank.

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti

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As an EXTRA BONUS for all paying attendees, we're going to be giving away thousands of dollars worth of products and/or services. We'll have a number of drawings throughout the seminar. Each time you will have an opportunity to win a substantial prize. These won't be tiny little things. They will be VALUABLE products and services that you would normally have to go out and pay hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars for. And you get a chance to win them just for being there.

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