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"It's the Best Internet Marketing Seminar I've Ever Attended"

22 Year Old Has First $60,000.00 Month!
"Your seminar last year was my first intro to Internet marketing! Since last June my partners and I have really grown our Internet company. Last month we had we to to $60,000.00 for the first time! And we've made well over $100,000.00 already this year! We definitely owe it to your seminar."

-- Josh Brown

This Year's Theme was:
Secrets of Traffic,
Testing & Tools

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Dear Internet Marketer,

This year's seminar was the BEST and MOST VALUABLE EVER because of two things.

The first and most important was: CONTENT. This year, the depth and level of content was amazing. Attendees were raving about how much they got out of every speaker's talk. I continually had people coming up to me and saying that just that speaker's presentation was worth the value of the seminar. And then they'd say that again after the next speaker.

And the next reason was it's focus on the three major concerns of every Internet marketer:

  • Generating TRAFFIC
  • TESTING what works for traffic generation/traffic conversion, and
  • The TOOLS that make it easy to achieve maximum results at minimum cost

The best site promoting the greatest product is a waste wtihout a constant flow of quality, targeted traffic. This year's Internet Marketing SuperConference presented the latest techniques and strategies for generating maximum traffic to your site.

Bruce Clay spent nearly five hours showing us the latest working strategies for getting top rankings at Google, including a LOT OF HOW TO information. And he ought to know. Just Google "Search Engine Optimization" and you'll come up with his name at the top.

We had Armand Morin show us how he is currently producing 3,500,000 visitors to his sites every month and making seven figures a year from his Internet marketing business.

We had Bruce Safran show us how he is doing a similar thing but using public domain information to build sties that attract visitors, march up the search engine rankings and earn money from affiliate and Google Adsense programs.

Ken Giddens showed us the 8 best ways to get traffic to your site. And if you've ever heard Ken Giddens speak, you know he wowed everyone with his innovative and effective techniques. I had Ken do two sessions, each two hours long and after the first one. Wade Thomas said he got more ideas from the first session (it was the first session of the conference) that he now has his course mapped out for him for the next year. And he knows it will be super lucrative. By the way, Wade teamed up with Sandy in a joint venture that I fully expect to hear a lot more about over the next year. They let me in on their plans (I promised not to reveal them) and they are looking at upper six to lower seven figures over the next year...just off of ONE idea from Ken.

We covered:

Search Engine Optimization to drive tons of traffic to your site, how to get top ranking, how to pick the best keyword phrases, and how to create a site that sucks traffic and results from the major engines. (Alert: Yahoo has repositioned itself and is currently giving Google a run for it's money -- hear the latest strategies to take advantage of this situation).

Pay Per Click Search Engines-- Overture has been the major competitor here but Google AdWords/AdSense is producing phenomenal results (IF you know how to take advantage). You'll get the latest techniques for getting both these to add significantly to your bottom line. You'll also find out if any other PPCs are worth using and if so, which. Our main presenter on this subject was Perry Marshall, widely known as the top expert on this subject. His two hours was a real eye opener.

Co-Registration -- Yes, you CAN buy your traffic and build your list faster with this technique than any other but will it work for you? This area is a black hole if you don't know what you're doing. Top expert in this area, Craig Perrine, made it simple to understand how to pick the strategies and suppliers that will make your list explode and your hit counters heat up like you've never seen before.

Articles -- This is the easiest and lowest cost method of generating traffic, but only if you know how to do it correctly. We had the experts to guide you through this publishing maze so that getting results is a walk in the park.

Ebooks/Viral Marketing -- Most people think of ebooks as a product category -- and it is. But smart marketers know how to generate lots of high quality, targeted traffic for long periods of time using some not so obvious techniques. This isn't a low cost marketing technique, it's a negative cost solution. Yes, that's right, you can actually generate profit as well as traffic. And lots of it. Ken Giddens' second presentation focused on this area exclusively.

Affiliate Marketing -- Wouldn't you like to have thousands of people working around the clock sending highly targeted traffic to your site? You'll learn the secret insider techniques that you won't find in any ebook, techniques that will have people lining up to join your affiliate program and sending all their best customers to you.

"I highly endorse and recommend Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing SuperConference. If you are at all serious about being successful on the Internet, you must attend this conference. Lots of top quality speakers -- people who walk their talk. Lots of great information. Lots of joint venture opportunities. You owe it to yourself -- and your bank account -- to be there."

-- Mark Joyner

Perhaps the most misunderstood and underutilized area of Internet marketing. Tracking your results is only half of the battle. Knowing how to use those results to get maximum effect is the trick.

Results, results and more results. You get the results of tests from the top Internet marketers Alex Mandossian and Michel Fortin.

Yes, you need to track and interpret your own results. You also need to know where to start and what to test. Why not learn from these Internet marketers who have already done a lot of testing and are willing to share their results with you... to help get you started?

And for your own testing, Carl Herold shows you how to use a revolutionary new tool that takes you to a new level of testing. Wouldn't you love to know the exact point that someone stops reading your web site, split test several different variations of headlines, offers, and other copy...simultaneously...and then have the software automatically figure out which performs best? That's just a little of what this amazing tools accomplishes for you.

I've noticed time and time again how many Internet marketers take some things for granted. And when I investigate it's usually because there is a tool behind it. Because the tool makes the job so simple, they discount it and tell you about everything else. Yet, a very important part is missing. And that's why I've specifically focused on revealing those tools to you...and how to produce your own at a fraction of what you'd imagine.

Having the right tools makes all the difference. Imagine two farmers, one with a horse-drawn plow and another with a tractor-plow. Which do you think will win out? Well, that's the effect of having superior tools.

Our speakers, including Dr. Mike, surprise speaker David Garfinkle, Carl Galletti, Mike Stewart, Joshua Shafran and all of the other speakers show you what tools they use and how to use these tools to give you the edge.

Testing makes YOU the Guru because YOU know what works and what doesn't and you've got the figures to prove it. Tools make you more efficient and effective than your competition. Traffic brings the money in.

And your most important tool is you. That's why we also had Tom Pauley and John Childers discuss how to own that tool, you, into a results-getting, profit-producing machine that can not be stopped.

Understand this, you are NOT going to get this information out of some book or course. A well done conference like this will accelerate your success on the Internet. We've proven that year after year. Graduates of the Internet Marketing SuperConference are among the top in the field.

Some examples of our graduates: Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, Ken Giddens, Bruce Clay, Randy Charach, Wade Thomas, Dr. Mike, and many others. As you'll notice these are the same people who return as presenters. Yes, this conference really does work as these people and others can attest.

Attending a conference increases your chance of success by more than 300% over just reading a book. Actually, it's as high as 340%.

Books and home study courses are nice and we all need them but they're nothing like a seminar.

Many years ago, I heard a wise man say something that totally changed my life. He said:

"You become what you think about all day long"

That man was Earl Nightingale, one of the founders of Nightingale-Conant. And what he said was enshrined in a product called "The Strangest Secret." It is the all time best selling program Nightingale-Conant has ever turned out.

This conference is totally focused and immersed with one thing and one thing only:

Imparting YOU With The Information and Knowledge
You Need To Make MORE Money On The Internet

This conference is different. The speakers impart the knowledge you need to be successful on the Internet. Your part is to take notes and apply what you learn as much as you can. There is a lot to learn. This is valuable stuff.

With the talent we had -- the top Internet marketers in the world -- there is no better way, no surer chance for your success.

Although we've mentioned them above, let me introduce you to our faculty of TOP Internet Marketing experts at the Internet Marketing SuperConference:

Ken Giddens - Although unplanned, Ken spoke for 30 minutes at last year's conference and blew everyone away. People were standing in line to talk to him afterwards. He makes a consistent 6-figure income creating specialty web sites and driving tons of traffic to them. Ken competes in what he calls the "eat your young" category. That's where the competition is so fierce that the participants would do anything to get a higher position in the search engines. If anyone knows the in-depth secrets of generating traffic, it's Ken. His presentation alone is worth the price of the conference.

Bruce Clay - When I was investigating search engine optimization I was amazed at how much conflicting information there was. I wanted to know who REALLY knows what's going on. Who really knows how to get top ranking. So, I did a search on Google for Search Engine Optimization and discovered that the number 1 ranking position was none other than one of my conference attendees, Bruce Clay. Even though this category has to be one of the toughest, Bruce's company, Bruce Clay, LLC consistently ranks in the top four positions. This guy KNOWS what works and he keeps up to date on it. In fact, he's got an entire staff of 14 people who do nothing more than track and test Google's ranking machine.

Carl Herold - He's the brains behind the most revolutionary testing/tracking tool in history, Clickalyzer. Recently, Clickalyzer has added a feature that automatically improves the response of your web site. It's really quite amazing.

Armand Morin - Armand has gone from one of the top product creators on the Internet to a top traffic generation strategist. He's become "the man to listen to" on generating traffic using the Traffic Equalizer program. Being at his presentation will be like working at Microsoft in it's early days...everyone got rich. I have a feeling everyone listening to Armand will be in the same position. His sites generate 3,500,000 visitors a month and a seven figure income.

Alex Mandossian - Alex is the world's top traffic conversion strategist. That's because he's the master testing wizard and his testing has produced some of the most powerful systems to convert casual visitors into lifetime clients. And he's the master at it. Alex shows you some easy ways to do the same thing for your sites. Anyone who's used his methods knows how effective they are. Well, this presentation has some new and exciting surprises!

Joshua Shafran - Joshua has been generating obscene 7 figure Internet revenue on cue for so long that he now calls it "Net Profits on Demand." Joshua shows you how to pick the market that will yield the quickest and easiest results.

Perry Marshall - He's written The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords" - literally - that's the name of his best selling book on what is aguably THE way to get traffic FAST. AdWords is also the method most used by Internet marketing experts to test new ideas. That's because you can get a campaign started and generating traffic faster than any other method. And you get immediate results with stats, which means you've got the fastest, most accurate feedback system available. If you expect to be successful at Internet marketing, you'll need to know this stuff. And Perry is the man to listen to on this subject.

Craig Perrine - Co-registration has been a hit or miss affair for a lot of people. But Craig has engineered an approach that makes co-reg a profitable path to consider. That's because of his ability to show you how to get higher quality names and how to work them to produce the results that makes this technique pay off really big. And you get 10,000 free names to give his system a try.

Dr. Michel Fortin - Michel is one of the top web copywriters in the world and he's a master at testing. He reveals his secret testing strategies to you and shares a lot of the results his testing has come up with. This gives you a head and shoulders advantage over most everyone else on the net who does not have this vital information (which is practically everyone). Plus, it makes you a "source point" of knowledge. When you put these testing strategies to use, people come to YOU to find out what works...because you know beyond a shadow of a doubt.

William Shi - The author of the no fluff, no filler "Traffic Equalizer Action Guide", William has been the leader in showing people how to get started using Traffic Equalizer.

John Childers - John is the "secret" mentor of many of today's top Internet marketers, including Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, Carl Galletti, Bruce Safran, David Garfinkel and many more. What he shows you is how to use your most valuable asset to produce phenomenal results.

Bruce Safran - Bruce showed us how to use public domain information to drive traffic to our sites. He's come up with some ground breaking techniques that no one else has thought of. This is the kind of thing that will have you moving out and staying ahead of the crowd.

"Dr. Mike" - Michael Woo-Ming, MD is a real live medical doctor who attended the Internet Marketing SuperConference last year and, one year later, is making a 6-figure income on the Internet from what he's learned. And, get this, he does it part time! That's because he hasn't retired from his medical practice yet - but he's close. He does this with less than 3 hours a day to spend working on his sites. He shows you how he picks his markets, gets traffic to his sites, converts the traffic into sales and how he tracks and tests what's going on so he can tell exactly what's working. Among his sites: the JV Network Memberships, Marketing Talk Radio, InfoBrokering Home Study Course and others. He explains his new and unique approach to Internet marketing: info service sites.

Tom Pauley - His presentation is called "How I Sold 6 Emails for Half A Million Dollars." Tom's technique will blow you away. It's so easy. If there ever was a magic bullet for marketing and selling, this is it.

Mike Stewart - Mike shows you how to easily create high-quality, high-profit products that virally generate traffic to your sites while they're earning you big money. Mike did the audio recording for the conference and delivered the audios to the attendees shortly after the conference ended.

Carl Galletti - Your host. It's my job to track Internet marketing. That's how I find new and interesting speakers for this event. I do this all year long and I come up with some pretty interesting stuff, usually before anyone else has a chance to capitalize on it. I presented the highlights of what I've found -- stuff not covered by the other presenters -- and show you how to cash in on it immediately after the seminar.

Your investment in these recordings is only $997. That's cheap when you consider how much you're getting. It's ridiculously cheap when you consider how much you will make from what you learn. Just take a look up top at Josh Brown whose making six figures from what he learned at last year's conference. And he's only 22.

Hey, you may not think it's cheap. In fact,you may very well think it's expensive. Let's take a look at that. What is your goal for earning money online? $10,000.00/month would be a modest figure. Certainly, many are making a lot more than that but let's say you'd consider yourself successful with that amount. It would give you a 6-figure income.

So, let's say that what you learn from the conference (and I'm going to give you what I think is a worst case scenario here) helps you to reach your goal a month sooner than you would otherwise. That's a prettey conservative estimate, isn't it?

Well, then, aren't you in fact losing over $8,000.00 by not having these recordings?

Look, only saving yourself a month before you reach your goal is, in fact, what I consider ultra conservative. I've personally seen people delay their success by years because they were afraid to invest a little money in acquiring the specialized knowldege they needed to succeed in their business (offline and online). Some never did make it.

Don't let that be you. Get these recordings. It'll increase your chances of success by up to 300%. I can't guarantee your success or how much money you'll make. Nobody can. And the government won't allow that anyway. It depends on too many factors which no one but you has control over. But, if you're at all serious about making a lot of money online, you better know what the successful people online are doing. You better learn from them and get to know what they consider important.

That's why this conference exists... to give you the chance to get the specialized knowledge you need to succeed at Internet Marketing.

You've heard the saying

"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day,
Teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

These conference recordings are all about teaching YOU how to fish...on the Internet. Get them NOW.

The choice is yours. You can learn from this conference and be successful. Or, you can pass and nothing will have changed. It's up to you. BUY NOW and you will profit from it your entire lifetime. That's valuable.

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti
Your Host

Top Internet Marketer Carl Galletti

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