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Dear Internet Marketer,

As Internet marketers, we all have the same problem: getting more traffic to our sites and converting more of that traffic into cash.

But what many don't realize is...

...time is running out.

Already we're seeing the search engines giving more weight to sites that have been established longer. That's just the beginning.

Getting your sites producing has become more than important. The deadline is looming where sites will be a lot more difficult to establish, at least twice as difficult (but my estimates are more like three to four times more difficult).

And that's why this year I hand picked a special group of Internet maketers to speak at my 7th annual Internet Marketing SuperConference.

This year's theme was:

Traffic, Testing and Monitizing

In other words, how to ramp up more traffic to your sites and how to squeeze every possible drop of revenue out of them.

By the time you view this conference you will know exactly how to do that. And acting on that knowledge will put you way ahead of your competition and perhaps to the point that they will never be able to catch up.

To make sure you have the best chance of making that happen, this stellar team of experts will guide you:

Ken Giddens - While many are finding their sites popping in and out of search engines, Ken is the master of building sites that consistently rank high in the search engines and stay there, making money day after day after day. Whenever someone mentions how a search engine has changed their algorithms and how that has killed their revenues, I check with Ken and always find out that those changes have not affected his sites one bit. Ken will show you how to build sites like that. This one presentation will make the entire cost of the conference pay off for you.

Jim Edwards - Jim is the master of mini-sites, the artiste of profit-producing articles, the expert of top-selling ebooks and the mega-master of multi-media. Whatever is about to be big in Internet marketing, Jim is on top of...and ahead of the curve. Listen carefully to what he has to say.

John Carlton - John is a long time friend and master copywriter, one of the best in the world. His hard hitting style is famous for generating record-breaking sales. He's been doing some amazing work on the Internet. Recently, while meeting with him at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City he just casually mentioned something he was working on that was exploding his Internet sales. I immediately responded with"you've got to come speak about that at my seminar." It wasn't easy and I had to call in a favor or two but John agreed to come and tell all, just for you.

The Content Desk Team led by Jack Humphrey - When it comes to building sites that have content in them, articles are king and the Content Desk Team has built the master engine for constructing content-laden sites that will have people using your sites for reference and coming back again and again. Jack heads up the team and is also the master of linking strategies. He wrote the book on it, literally. So he knows what it takes to get the search engines to pay attention to you.

Mark Braunstein - Mark is the master at putting together portal and membership sites and will be showing you how to use portal sites to quickly and easily build a paying membership site in a fraction of the time you would imagine. This is some very powerful stuff here.

Michel Fortin - As you probably know, Michel is the top Internet copywriter, having written the promotions for John Reese's Traffic Secrets, Frank Kern's Underachiver Master System and many others too numerous to mention. One of the reasons why he is able to do this is because he's a great copywriter. Another reason is because he does so much testing that he knows down to the minutest detail how sales are affected by what you put on your web site. He'll be showing you the latest results of his testing and even how to set up and do your own.

Brad Fallon - Brad's a search engine expert who actually puts his money where his mouth is. Using his techniques, he's created the top wedding favors site which now rakes in a cool 7 figures a year, all in just a few months from startup. He's also the co-author of the famous "Stomping the Search Engines," a top course on how to rank well with the search engine.

Andy Jenkins - Andy is Brad's partner in "Stomping the Search Engines" and is the reigning expert on Yahoo Stores. He wrote the book on it, again, literally.

Perry Marshall - When it comes to Google Adwords and other Pay-Per-Click search engines, Perry is the undisputed master. His talk is called "How To Navigate the Maze of Goodle AdWords in 2005 to Get Instant Traffic, Test New Ideas and Perfect Your Marketing Machine.".

AdWords is a LOT trickier than it used to be. Goodle has tightened up their requirements, many markets are ferociously competitive with 50-100 bidders, bid prices are sky high, and in many ways the best way to approach this is quire different than it was a couple of years ago. Most people find AdWords to be a maddening, frustrating and expensive experience. Perry will show you a number of very powerful and counterintuitive approaches to solve these problems, including some advanced yet easy to implement techniques that Google would certainly never tell you about.

Perry's books and teleseminars are the most referenced tools about Google AdWords on the net. And because he deals on a daily basis with helping people with AdWords, he knows the most common problems you'll likely make and he'll show you how to avoid them before they have a chance to do you in.

The Secret Money Generator Team led by Mark Hendricks and Frank Sousa... - Mark is a top copywriter and Internet marketer who leads the team that came up with Secret Money Generator and many other fine programs. He'll show you how to monetize your site and turn it into a real money generator.

Richard Schefren - Rich donated a video recorded session on a subject that is absolutely vital to you as an Internet Marketer. He will show you how to run your operation like a business rather than a one man band. Very informative and life changing stuff here.

Armand Morin - Armand's one of the sharpest Internet marketers around. He's always got something new going on and he'll show you his latest ideas and techniques.

Bob Chambers - When it comes to screen capture videos, Bob is the top expert. You will find out many new ways to produce and promote your products using innovative and easy to implement techniques that Bob has developed.

Morgan Westerman - Morgan generates over a million dollars a year using a public domain piece and some unique viral strategies which he will show you in his talk.

Nathan Anderson - A Search Engine Optimizaiton specialist who will show you how to construct a high-content site that the search engines will love.

Mike Filsaime - The master and creator of the fire sale. Mike's innovative techniques consistently bring in big numbers. He shows you his secrets.

Tom Bell -Tom is a real rags to riches story. He dropped out of school in the 9th grade and became a “hard core drug addict” by the age of 19. Later he quit drugs and launched a worldwide import toy wholesale business. In 1998 Tom started a little website selling “cell phone antenna boosters” and raked in over $400k. After seeing how this marketplace was overly competitive and limited he did what he calls a “sand box change” and started selling ebooks via direct email.

Tom stayed up 36 hours straight writing his first ebook “the Grant Guide”, his wife at the time said “Come to bed, no one is going to buy an e-book”. I guess the last laugh is on her. Today Tom will do between $4,000,000 to $6,000,0000 per year in ebook sales from his site. He says that one of his favorite weeks was when he made over $20,000 every single day for an entire week (all on autopilot).

Even though Tom is making real big money now - he started small like most people. He bought a $29 email ad and it made him $8. The spark went off in his head that if he could make $8 with a tiny ad going to 2500 people, imagine what would happen if he reached 25,000 or 250,000 or 2.5 million people. During Tom’s presentation you’ll find out:

How to mass target with broad offers and how to make this pay off big time (nobody else is doing this). Yes, there are legitimate opt-in lists out there that number in the millions of subscribers but nobody really knows how to make these profitable without spamming. Just imagine if only a teeny, tiny percentage of the millions of people on these lists would buy from you.

How to “change the sandbox”. This a term Tom uses to explain how to capitalize on hidden profits where others are too short-sighted to see them. One way Tom has done this is taking a product that was proven in one marketplace and transferred it over to another one for big profits.

How to get into the world of “Big Traffic” with CPA networks.

The infamous “Vancouver Incident” (that’s all that can be said about it right now).

The power of a decision and the “spark” that gets you off your butt and into action. For Tom this was how he went from homelessness to a roaring success…And much more!

Carl Galletti - I cover the entire field of Internet marketing. At the beginning of the conference I do an overview/preview of what you will be getting and how to best put it to use. Plus, having generated up to 6 figures in sales in a single day, I'll discuss my exclusive technique for generating offers your buyers will find hard to refuse.

AND, our SPECIAL MYSTERY GUESTS - Now this will blow you away. At this conference and ONLY at this conference a development of epic proportions was released for the first time. This has SHOCKED the entire Internet world and you will hear all about it in this exclusive presentation. This new development is so far reaching that it will affect EVERY Internet user and ALL Internet marketers.

By viewing the recordings of this seminar, you will have the HUGE advantage of being the first to capitalize on this information.

Four full days of the Internet's most vital marketing information and lots of ideas to bring your Internet business to the next level.

You get all four days of video recordings on 21 DVDs that you can review whenever you want (and you will want to because the information is that good).

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My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti
Your Host

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