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8th Annual SuperConference

"Make The Connection"
Las Vegas, NV

"Video DVD Recordings from the 4 Days With 23 of the Most Successful Top Internet Marketers in the World, Sharing Their Secrets"

Dear Internet Marketer,

Imagine sitting down with 23 of the world's top Internet marketers, openly sharing their most successful techniques with you. That was the 8th annual Internet Marketing SuperConference. It was 4 days of profit-making wisdom and experience.

And, because video of the event was recorded on DVD, you can share in the secret techniques top Internet marketers use for getting massive results on the Internet. 22 DVDs. Over 30 hours with 23 of the most successful Internet marketers in the world.

Rich Internet Marketers Think Differently
Than Poor Internet Marketers

If you're ready to make the quantum leap into the upper strata of Intenet marketers, then you'll need to know what was presented at this conference.

I lined up the best possible speakers to show you how to make that leap.

Here is a list of who they are and what they spoke about:

Joe Sugarman

"Psychological Triggers: The Art and Science of Motivation, Influence and Persuasion"

The New York Times called him a "Mail Order Maverick," Bottom Line called him "One of the country's greatest copywriters,' and Success Magazine called him, "One of the most successful direct marketing gurus of all time." His JS&A Group, Inc. became America's largest single source of innovative electronic products and was the first to use 800 toll-free service to take credit card orders over the phone. It later became the major catalyst for the entire catalog industry.

In the late 80's he changed his focus to selling his line of BluBlocker sunglasses through direct mailings, mail order ads, catalogs and TV (via infomercials and QVC). They are currently sold through stores throughout the world with over 20 million pairs sold.

Joe has been selected as the Direct Marketing Man of the Year and has also received the Maxwell Sackheim Award for his career contributions to direct marketing.

He is also the author of several best selling marketing books, including: "Triggers: 30 Sales Tools You Can Use to Control the Mind of Your Prospect to Motivate, Influence and Persuade," "Success Forces," "Advertising Secrets of the Written Word," "Marketing Secrets of a Mail Order Maverick," and "Television Secrets for Marketing Success."

The title of his talk is "Psychological Triggers: The Art and Science of Motivation, Influence and Persuasion."

Ed Dale

"How To Create or Buy Web Sites, Improve Them and Then Sell Them at a BIG Profit "

Ed has been quietly making 5 figures a month from small niche market mini-sites that are overlooked by others. He's also Frank Kern's partner in the Underachiver Mastery Series which sold nearly a million dollars worth of product in about 24 hours. Ed has recently sold a site for $5 million and he'll show you how to create or buy web sites, improve them and then sell them at a BIG profit using some innovative and little-known techniques he's developed.

Mike Filsaime

"Advanced Strategies of Butterfly Marketing "

Mike Filsaime was The General Manager of one of the nations largest auto dealers. He left the hustle and bustle of the automobile business when he stumbled across online marketing and realized he could make more money in one month than he could make all year as one of the highest paid General Mangers in the region.

He is coming off his successful launch promotion of Butterfly Marketing which sold 1 Million dollars in sales in just it's first 5 days.

Butterfly Marketing is the principle that small changes made to your marketing can have a dramatic effect on your results, income and overall success over just a short period of time.

He used Butterfly Marketing to quickly build a massive and responsive targeted opt-in list of over 325,000 optin members in just under 3 years and its is growing at a rate of nearly 600 new members per day with no advertising budget and no signs of stopping.

Mike shows you never before disclosed advanced strategies of Butterfly Marketing and how it ties into his concepts of  "The Marketing Funnel."

Literally an overnight success online, Mike has revolutionized viral marketing online and pioneered some of the most successful passive income campaigns in the business.

He averages $80,000.00 a month, $2600/day. Optin list grows 571/day. Over 200K members/year with 0 ad budget.

Russel Brunson

"How To Build an Affiliate Network To
Do Most of Your Work for You "

He's generated over $70,000.00 in 14 days back in July, $11,859.00 in profit in 48 hours last August, $33,000.00 in 4 days last December and all of that was while he was attending college with a full time schedule, wrestling on the varsity wrestling team and being engaged (now married).

He's since done even better and now has 15,000 affiliates working for him.

In the conference recordings he shows you how to build an affiliate network to do most of the work for you, even if you're a relative unknown in the field.

Michel Fortin

"A Fanatical Tester Reveals the Testing Results that Skyrocket Your Business "

Michel is the copywriting force behind the most successful product launches in the history of Internet marketing. He wrote John Reese's Traffic Secrets copy that brought in over a million dollars in 18 hours and Frank Kern/Ed Dale's Underachiver Mastery System copy that brought in nearly $900,000.00 in 24 hours.

He gets results because he's a "fanatical tester" and can tell you what works and what doesn't. He shows you his latest info for getting results from your Intenet business.

John Carlton

"Secret Copywriting Strategies
to Explode Your Internet Sales "

John Carlton has been a respected and sought-after top-tier copywriter for over 20 years. His career arc is now legendary, and because so many of his ads, letters and websites are copied by competitors (because they work so well), he's earned the reputation as "The most ripped-off copywriter online". If you’re a player in direct response advertising, chances are you’ve already heard of John.

He started out as the hotshot freelancer Los Angeles agencies snuck in the back door to pen the hard-core sales copy their staff writers couldn’t pull off. He is on the “inside” with the country’s top marketing geniuses -- including the notorious Jay Abraham (John had free run of Jay's offices in the go-go ‘80s)... DanKennedy (John was the featured speaker at Dan's recent sold-out Copywriting Boot Camp)... and the legendary Gary Halbert (who John has been a close friend and occasional partner with for 15 insane years).

The super-intense “front line” education in real-world salesmanship he received working at the cutting edge of the business world has been dangerous, stress-filled, fun... and worth millions in secrets and techniques and raw experience.

He's now written for the largest direct response companies in the world. (John's notorious “sex letter” for Rodale mailed to millions of names for over 5 years, despite constant efforts by other top writers to knock it off).

His Web site copy consistently pulls in massive mounds of moolah each month for clients. He was also among the first to write a modern infomercial for television.

And you’ve likely seen his two and three-page “dense copy” ads repeatedly in Men’s Health... Golf Digest... Black Belt... Men’s Journal... Muscle & Fitness... or perhaps Penthouse. (That one was a doozy.)

These long ads stand out because there’s nothing else like them in the publications. Yet they continue to run, over and over...

Bringing In Consistent Fortunes
For Years On End!

John has sold a ton of just about every kind of product there is... from diets to real estate to biz-op to golf to professional services to health cures and beyond... to just about every kind of consumer who’s ever walked this earth. Big-ticket items, lead generation, retail, multi-step, infomercial, radio, Web, you name it.

And it pleases him no end that his direct mail letters, Web site copy and direct response ads are now jealously hoarded and used as study guides worldwide by top marketers and writers. Recorded interviews he's done with Michel Fortin, Gary Halbert and many others are still hot tickets years after being released.

You're in for a real treat here. John pioneered the use of personality in modern advertising… and has been shocking and delighting audiences on the speaking circuit for two decades. What he reveals is the honest-to-goodness KEY to making your advertising work like crazy, no matter what market or business you're in.

Brad Fallon

"Finding the Right Product for Any Niche and Using SEO Techniques to Promote It"

Brad's site,, went from nothing to $1 million per month in about a year. How? By using the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques he's so famous for.

And, at this conference, Brad shows you something entirely new and never before revealed. You can be sure to walk away with a goldmine of ideas from his talk.

Len Thurmond

"Get Your AdSense Sites Listed and
Producing Like the Old Days"

A long time editor of "The Affiliate Review", one of the most successful ezines of all time, Len has now turned his attention to building and profiting from AdSense sites.

After having disappointing results using other people's automated tools, Len just had to go out and figure how to do it himself.

If you've had your automatically-generated Adsense sites de-listed lately (most have), you need to hear what Len has to say because what he's discovered will shock and amaze you.

Want to get your Adsense sites listed and producing like the old days? Listen to what he has to say.

Mark Braunstein and Len Foley

"Learn How To Make Your Own Five-Figure
Per Month Membership Site "

Membership sites are the most lucrative of all Internet marketing money streams and Mark Braunstein is the leading expert on making them.

First, he'll show you how to easily make your own membership site and then he and Len will show you how to add a brand new and easy to implement opportunity that is easily producing five figures a month and doesn't require content from you. This is an absolutely amazing and easy to implement business that you'll want to know everything about.

Joel Comm

"Secret Techniques for Making
Really Big Money from Little Web Sites "

Joel is the foremost expert on generating Adsense revenue from web sites. His sites routinely bring in five figures a month using techniques that are totally white hat and consistent, regardless of what algorithms the search engines are using.

Attend Joel's session as he shows you his "secret" techniques for making really big money from little web sites.

Joel reveals information he's never presented at any other seminar before. And through these recordings, you can hear his ground-breaking talk.

Rich Schefren

"How To Restructure Your Business To
Make More With Less Work"

Rich is the man behind some of the top Internet marketers. He's the one they go to after they've become successful and have gotten totally overwhelmed. Then, Rich shows them how to transition so their Internet business is producing many times more and with a lot less of their time.

If you want to be able to "really" live the Internet marketing lifestyle...where you can take a vacation whenever and for as long as you like and have confidence that your business is not only prospering but even growing, then you need to hear what Rich has to say.

His client list reads like the who's who of Internet marketing with people like Jim Edwards, Rob Bell (1ShoppingCart), Mike Filsaime, etc.

And if you're just working on being successful at Internet marketing, you need to hear what Rich has to say just so you can make your succcess happen sooner and with much less pain.

Tom Bell

"Creating Great Offers For Your List"

He's sold more ebooks than anyone in Internet marketing... $11 million worth in just five years. Many say he has the "midas" touch when it comes to the Internet.

Tom has launched several million dollar web businesses (he calls them "offers") because he knows how to bring massive amounts of traffic to offers that work.

His focus is on how to create great offers for himself and others and that's what he shows you how to do.

Mike Stewart

"Techniques For Producing Quick and
Easy Online Audio and Video"

First, the Internet Audio Guy, Mike is now also known as the Internet Video Guy. He's teamed up with Jim Edwards in developing some of the "easy" ways to get audio and video producing big results.

He'll show you how to create some of the most impressive audio and video products and promotions and to do it so quickly and easily that you'll wonder why you haven't been using this powerful technique all along.

Sylvie Charrier

"How To Outsource and
Get Someone Else To Do It Better "

Sylvie has been the "behind the scenes" gal in helping the top Internet marketers get better results than they ever imagined.

When it comes to outsourcing, it can be a nightmare if you don't know what you're doing. Sylvie shows you how to work your way safely through the mine field of outsourcing so you get results even better than you would be able to do yourself.

If you don't watch this presentation and put her techniques to use, you can expect to work a lot harder over the coming year.

Dr. Mike Woo-Ming

"How To Make a Fortune Buying and
Selling Internet Marketing Leads"

Dr. Mike has risen quickly to the top of the Internet marketing field from being an attendee just three years ago.

At this year's conference he'll be presenting something new...a system for buying and selling Internet marketing leads.

When I held my first conference, I had a friend who was making six figures using this same kind of system that Mike and his partner will be showing. The trouble was, my friend refused to tell anyone, even me, HOW he was doing it.

Why? It was so lucrative and easy to do that he didn't want anyone else knowing how he did it.

It's taken eight years to finally get someone willing to reveal this information. Dr. Mike reveals the insider secrets about this formerly closed industry.

Gina Gaudio-Graves

"Becoming a Joint Venture Broker"

Gina is an Internet marketer and attorney who specializes in joint venture marketing and has lots of experience as a joint venture broker (someone who makes a commission out of bringing together and managing joint ventures and product launches).

She will show you the inside secrets of how to put together your own joint venture and how to be a joint venture broker.

Ted Schneck

"Using Google Arbitrage To Turn An Incredible Profit"

Ted started out as an attendee two conferences ago and since has developed a new and emerging strategy, Google Arbitrage.

That's where he buys Google AdWords ads to send traffic to his AdSense sites in a way that turns a handsome the tune of $700 profit per day!!!

Don't try this without knowing what he's learned over the past two years of working this system. You can easily lose your shirt otherwise.

However, with Ted's advice, you'll be able to know how to spot the winners from the losers and how to get low-cost AdWords to produce high-traffic and high-paying results from AdSense.

Paulie Sabol

"Building an Effective Intern Work Force"

Paulie is one of the most sought-after interviewers of Internet marketers, real estate investors and success motivators.

He's been quietly building an Internet empire using AdSense sites and interns. And he's developed quite a few interesting techniques on building an effective intern work force. He and his partner, Donna Fox, will share what they've learned.

Martin Wales

"Using Automation To Greatly Cut Down
On Your Work Load"

The marketing genius behind 1ShoppingCart, Martin will show you how to use automation to produce for you and greatly cut down on your work load.

Whether you work alone or as part of an elite team, Martin will show you how to increase your profits through smart automation.

Mr. X

"Secrets From the AdWords Black Book"

Author of the best selling ebook, Adwords Black Book (sold out 500 at $197.00 in two weeks), John shows you all the principles contained in his Black Book. This is the first and only time he will do this. Plus, he will go into more detail about how to use one of the secret programs he told about in the book, especially how to reinstate a particular function that the owner had to take out due to pressure from Clickbank.

As an extra added attraction, he also shows you how he was able to put together this, his first ebook, and make it such a great success, both financially and otherwise.

Carl Galletti

"Tying It All Together "

Host of the conference, Carl started out as one of the pioneers of personal computing, being the founder of Technical Design Labs and later, Computer Design Labs, companies which helped fuel the PC revolution by spawning the people who went on to establish the IBM PC and the PC clone markets.

He later went on to become a direct response copywriter back in the 80's and then combined these two fields in the mid 90's to enter the Internet marketing field where he's excelled as a copywriter, trainer, super-affiliate and seminar presenter.

The Video recordings of the conference come on 22 DVDs (over 30 hours of rock solid content) and is an investment in your future. It's only $997. Other seminars charge you more and provide much less. This is the most value for your money.

Click here to order now!

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti
Your Host

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