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This Conference Focused On:
Google Secrets
Traffic Generation
Web 2.0
Copywriting Secrets - Old and New
Valuable Tools and Resources

From: Carl Galletti

Dear Friends,

The Video recordings are now available!.

We listened and know that here's what you want ...

  • Attracting More Traffic To Your Site
  • Building Your List
  • Creating/Acquiring Quality Content and Products and
  • Converting Your Traffic Into Sales

And all of it starts with the a...

Special Presentation by Carl Galletti:
Carl Galletti Reveals ...

Claude C. Hopkins
The Hopkins Code
Lost Treasures of the World's Greatest Copywriter

Revealed for the first time in over 80 years!!!

This is a special presentation that will reveal some of Claude Hopkins' most valued secrets for the first time in over 80 years.

Most of the effective conversion tactics on the net were created by Hopkins many years ago...long before there ever was such a thing as the Internet. When the net came along, copywriters and others adopted his strategies and tactics to produce an explosion of effective sales on the net.

Yet, all of Hopkins' strategies and tactics have not been revealed. They've been lying dormant for the past 80 years.

Here's the story...

While reading "The Mirror Makers" by Stephen Fox, a book about the history of advertising, I came across the following passage on page 56:

"At the office he [ed., Claude Hopkins] had fifteen points to look for in good copy, each listed on a separate slip of paper. During the day he tacked them to the wall over his desk, a catechism for his constant guidance, and took them down every night."

As a copywriter I was intrigued. Why did Hopkins put them up at the beginning of the day and take them down every night? And what were these 15 points? Here is the world's greatest copywriter, the father of modern advertising copy and wouldn't every copywriter, indeed everyone who wants results from their copy, like to know what they were? I was sure that I wanted to know.

Checking the citations in the back of the book led to a clue. This information had come from an article in the October 17, 1938 issue of Advertising Age. I, along with my team of researchers were on it. We tracked down the issue in microfiche at a big metropolitan library. I can remember getting the fax of the article back on August 25, 1993 Wednesday at 10:36am. I quickly read through the article, only to be disappointed that the fifteen points were not there.

Here's what the article said:

"Mr. Hopkins had 15 points...Nor was Mr. Hopkins content to merely sample and file his 15 points...Instead, he listed each on a separate piece of paper, tacked them all above his desk each day and took them down at night. The business of putting them up each morning served to keep them constantly in his mind throughout the day."

A further clue was revealed (why he put them up and took them down daily) but yet the 15 points were still elusive. So, I put my crack team of experts on it. They contacted the Hopkins family, who knew nothing about it. They contacted Foote, Cone & Belding, the advertising agency that survived Lord & Thomas, the agency that Hopkins worked for (one of the top ad agencies of it's time). They knew nothing of it, despite their head archivist searching through their entire archive. The team even contacted the Bissel company, knowing that Mr. Hopkins worked for them previous to Lord & Thomas.

And everywhere we looked we came up with the same answer: no one knew what these 15 points were. Finally, we just gave up.

Then, one day while researching something entirely different, one of the team came across an obscure document which turned out to be an interview with Mr. Hopkins in which he not only revealed the points (he called them "laws") but also explained each one.

And during my presentation at this Internet Marketing SuperConference, I revealed these laws for the first time in over 80 years. Actual ads were used to illustrate the laws and you will get familiar with all the points Claude Hopkins used when he evaluated copy.

A sample from this rare document
in the words of Claude Hopkins himself:

"It took me over twenty years to tabulate those copy laws.

"I spend a few minutes every day studying them -- so that my day's work will be solidly built on the foundation of two decades of experience at copywriting. The piece of copy that diverges from those laws has lost in selling force.

"I know that fact from experience.

"Those laws apply to dealer propositions, to mail order copy, to dealer promotion work -- to any copy that I have ever written and I doubt if there is any class of copy that I haven't written.

"You see...I had them set in type and they are hung on the wall over my desk. Before I commence the day's work, I refresh my mind with them. After I have finished an advertisement and made the layout I test it by those laws.

"If the copy and layout does not live up to those tests, then into the waste-basket it goes and another ad is prepared."

In this presentation I explain the laws, one by one.

Grasp the value of this document. Here is the world's greatest copywriter revealing for the one and only time his most secret weapon.

Although Hopkins wrote several books and articles, this is the only time he revealed any of these laws. Yes, not even in his seminal work, "Scientific Advertising" did he reveal these laws. Not even in his autobiography, "My Life In Advertising."

And now, for the first time ever, you will know these laws in intimate detail, just as Hopkins explained them to his interviewer. And beyond that, you will also get specific illustrations of each, carefully prepared by me.

Are Claude Hopkins' laws still valid today?

Actually, many of the Internet's most effective techniques are based upon Mr. Hopkins' prinicples. Introduced by copywriters who studied his works, they brought these principles to the Internet and guess what? They are still as effective today as they were in Hopkins' day.

For example, Claude Hopkins started giving away free samples in the early part of the 1900's. It became a standard advertising practice after that and is highly used today, including on the Internet.

Claude pointed to the value of headlines. He was the first to show us that "the more you tell, the more you sell."

Claude started using coupons to stimulate sales, a technique still used today, including the Internet. And the list goes on and on.

This could well be the most valuable presentation of your life. But there's one thing you should know before you buy these recordings:

Everyone buying these recordings...

Must Agree To a
non-disclosure agreement

That included the seminar staff, speakers, hotel staff...everyone. No one was allowed to buy these recordings without agreeing to our non-disclosure agreement for this session.

That's how valuable this information is.

This protects the value of the knowledge you receive by insuring that it doesn't propagate promiscuously.

Yes, those who view the recordings will have an unfair advantage over others by knowing these laws.

BONUSES: As a result of the team's research, they've also come up with other books and articles written by Claude Hopkins and which have not been revealed since their creation over 80 years ago. Although these publications do not reveal his laws, they have many other valuable insights and knowledge that you can profit from.

ADDITIONAL BONUS: Before discovering the document with these principles, I reasoned that they must surely be dicussed in "Scientific Advertising" and/or "My Life In Advertising." So, I went through both of these books and pulled out what I thought were the most important principles and, therefore, the ones that comprised the list of points. After finding the actial points, I discovered I was wrong. None of the Hopkins' laws were covered in either of those books. However, when discussing this with world famous copywriter, Harlan Kilstein, Harlan insisted that my version be included because they so aptly summarize the best principles presented in those two classic books. So, at Harlan's request, you will also be getting my version of the points.

Carl Galletti

Inside Google...

You will be hearing from two of the most informed Google experts. The first is...

"The Inner Secrets of Google AdWords"

Simon Leung
Master AdWords Optimizer
Simon Leung

His name is Simon Leung, but his friends call him Si. He started working at Google before most people even knew they could advertise on it.

As of May of 2003, he was one of two people to start the AdWords Optimization Team, and instantly became a leading member, contributor, trainer and quality reviewer of one of the highest performing groups in AdWords. Recognized as a resource both externally and internally, he worked with 100s of advertisers with all kinds of problems and successfully helped them achieve their advertising goals.

During the next 3+ years, he continued to improve upon the performance of 1000s of accounts and even created tons of new campaigns for clients from scratch. He tested and developed countless strategies with his team and knows the insides as to what techniques produce results.

He has brought 1000s of new, targeted visitors to his clients’ websites and cut their advertising costs literally overnight.

As you should already be aware, Google AdWords is arguably the most effective search engine marketing tool available today - but ONLY if you understand the system. Even mom and pop shops and small businesses can compete with huge corporations when they learn how to deal their cards right.

In his years of experience at Google and Internet Marketing, he noticed that there are many products about each respective topic, but none that combines both the power of Google AdWords with the potential of Internet Marketing.

This is why he left Google (leaving literally over $100,000 worth of stock options on the table) to enter the world of Internet Marketing.

He has since become an Internet Marketing celebrity overnight - with some of the biggest names in the industry seeking him out!

He is now considered a recognized expert among the top Internet Marketing gurus and has been a speaker at major Internet Marketing events, a contributor to major product launches by big name experts, a special guest on high profile teleseminar calls, a JV partner in several new and upcoming projects and a creator of several more ground-breaking products of his own.

the other is...

"The Inside Secrets of Ranking on Google"

Colin McDougall
Visitor Enhanced Optimization Expert
Colin McDougall

If you've ever tried to get Google to give you some insider tips on how to rank on their free search engine results, you know how impossible that is. But Colin McDougall found a way to do it.

He met and became good buddies with Google Engineer and Insider, Matt Cutts. Then, he sat down with him over many different and extended sessions and asked him about every question he could think of (and every expert he knew could think of) about how to rank high in Google.

So, of all the people outside of Google who know what is needed to rank with their search engine, Colin is at the top of the list.

He shows you how to attract inbound links to your website, gain stable search engine rankings and, ultimately, ever increasing website traffic wtihout the fear of getting blacklisted...EVER!

Lots of valuable information here.

The Latest on WEB 2.0...

Brad Fallon

"How To Take Maximum Advantage of the Coming Multimedia Evolution"

Brad Fallon

Brad Fallon is the CEO of Smart Marketing, Inc., a network of wholesale and retail e-commerce businesses.  Beginning with a $2,000 start-up investment for My Wedding Favors in January, 2004, Brad's online businesses grew from $1.2 million in first year revenue to $7.8 million in 2005 and $32 million in 2006.

Representative web sites include Corner Stork Baby Gifts and Kate Aspen, a leading designer and wholesale supplier of wedding favors. Kate Aspen and now Baby Aspen drop ship directly to the customers of other online retailers.

Brad is the author of Creating Customers Out of Thin Air: Secrets of Online Marketing for Offline Businesses and the host of Search Engine Radio, one of the first online radio shows dedicated to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In October 2006, Brad co-founded StomperNet with Andy Jenkins, the leading subscription-based internet marketing training program.  StomperNet provides DVD courses and online training classes from expert faculty members, an online portal community, proprietary software and quarterly live conferences.  StomperNet’s launch on October 3, 2006 set the first day sales record for online sales of information products.

In 2007, capitalizing on core competencies in affiliate marketing and information products, Smart Marketing and StomperNet launched Free IQ, the premier destination for valuable online video and other types of premium media products.

Free IQ allows speakers, authors, consultants and experts of all kind to host and stream an unlimited amount of audio and video, including complete presentations, seminars and demonstrations – for free.  And Free IQ’s patent pending ReviewRank™ search algorithm ranks relevant content based on quality as determined by user reviews and other patent pending factors.

Free IQ team members include Gary Shmerling, president, Tom Michaud, CFO, Andy Edmonds, CXO, Barry Trottier, CTO, and Rob Lamb, General Counsel.

Premium Media Products, LLC, a new media publishing company, is the latest venture of the Smart Marketing network. It will help authors and consultants create and market premium media products of all types, including webinars, teleseminars, subscription podcasts, e-books, DVD home study courses, and live workshops recorded in its Seminar Studio.

Brad earned a degree in Economics from Claremont McKenna College in 1990 and graduated second in his class from the University of Florida College of Law in 1997. 

Despite a legal background, Brad ranks #1 on Google for "coolest guy on the planet” so expect to learn a lot of "cool" stuff from him.  His favorite activity is helping entrepreneurs and business people grow faster through the leverage of Internet marketing.

"How To Create Authority Sites That Generate Thousands of Targeted Visitors Per Day"

Jack Humphrey

This is a fast-paced, action-packed look at authority site building, content development tactics like linkbaiting, and marketing with Web 2.0 social marketing tactics to get links, high search engine rankings, and very serious traffic.

Web 2.0 Marketing Tactics To Build Authority In Your Niche

Simple, effective social marketing strategies to implement right away for nearly instant traffic and links.

Jack Humphrey Bio

Jack Humphrey is a full-time professional web marketing consultant, authority site builder, the author of Power Linking, Authority Black Book, the managing partner of Content Desk Inc. and the CEO of Authority Site Center where he teaches members how to build, market, and profit from niche authority sites.

Jack is responsible for hundreds of millions of visitors hitting his clients sites over the years, and he practices what he preaches with his Friday Traffic Report marketing blog.

Mike Koenigs

"How To Use Video to Get Top Rankings in the Search Engines"

Frank Sousa
Michael Koenigs
Frank Sousa

Michael Koenigs is the marketer who brought the "internet infomercial" to the web with the Infomercial Toolkit. As a consultant to some of the largest companies in America including 20th Century Fox, Sony, Mazda, General Mills, Dominos Pizza, Carlson Companies, Northwest Airlines, 3M, he's best known as the co-creator of Traffic Geyser, a Web 2.0 service for businesses that distributes Internet videos to over 30 top sites with the click of a button to drive Website traffic and leads.

Mike is considered an expert in using video to get high rankings on search engines and a producer of dozens of products and hundreds of web sites for authors, entrepreneurs and internet marketers including Debbie Ford and Deepak Chopra.

Frank Sousa is a software developer, affiliate marketer, and mentor.

Frank's list of products developed includes: Traffic Geyser, Secret Money Generator, Secret Spider Generator, Secret Link Cloaker Secret Traffic Generator, DIY Web Hosting  and a few proprietary programs that he won't tell us about.

Frank formed one of the first SEO companies on the Internet, which became a part of a joint venture that generated over a million dollars in revenue in it's first year.

One of his biggest joys is working with his two sons Joe and Tim and his daughter in law, Lisa. They also have a full time programmer working with them.

About five years ago, Frank dropped the SEO business model, (and the 12 employee overhead) for a far less stressful and more profitable model of building his own affiliate web sites.

Frank's reasoning was, "Why work hard for a one time infusion of money from a customer, when for the same amount of effort you can build a website that generates money over and over again?"

Frank and Mike show us the power of using videos to market products… and how it’s possible to generate revenue within just two hours using nothing more than a telephone and a web browser. 

Dr. Jeanette S. Cates

"How To Use TeleSeminars and Webinars to Create Products, Promote Your Business and Build Your List"

Dr. Jeanette S. Cates

About Jeanette Cates

Jeanette S. Cates, PhD is the creator of the Online Success System and author of Online Success Tactics: 101 ways to build your small busines.

Dr. Cates is a frequent speaker at state and national conferences, with more than 300 presentations to her credit. Her fast-paced, information-packed presentations and her knack for explaining cutting-edge technology in easy-to-understand terms have gained her the reputation of being The Technology Tamer™. She has taken that same experience and applied it to the Internet to become your Online Success Guide.

As the owner of TechTamers she has developed a full line of learning materials, including more than 100 technology-based workshops, ranging from Introduction to eLearning to Web-Site-in-a-Day™. In addition, she has authored numerous tips booklets, special reports, ebooks, and audio albums. In 2001 she launched, a site dedicated to helping speakers use technology more effectively in their presentations, products, productivity, and online presence. Jeanette is a Certified Technical Trainer and is conversant with more than 200 software programs. She is also a Robert G. Allen Infopreneur Master Trainer. In that capacity she edits the, an online resource for people who create and sell Information Products.

A prolific author, Dr. Cates offers nearly 100 articles for reprint. In addition to being the author of Online Success Tactics: 101 ways to build your small business, she is a contributor to Confessions of Shameless Internet Promoters, A Woman's Way to Incredible Success in Business, and Celebrate Customer Service. She is one of just seven featured experts on the Business Divas! interview series.

Dr. Cates holds a PhD in Instructional Design and Technology and an M.Ed. in Adult Education, both from the University of Texas at Austin. She earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Trinity University. She is listed in Who's Who of American Women and is a member of Women in Technology International and the National Speakers Association. Jeanette has been featured in PC World, Computer Shopper, and TechRepublic, among other technology-related publications.

"Tapping The Profit Potential of Online Communities"

Mark Braunstein

The Holy Grail of Online Business Models
Mark Braunstein

Virtual Communities are the marketplace of the future and Mark will show you what it takes to build, run and profit from your own online niche community.

You'll also learn why your online success depends on building new and deeper relationships with your customers to drive product development, new profit channels and expand your business opportunities through these virtual communities.

Discover why "Online Communities" are the the best model for your long-term, online success and how your own community will drive your growth and sales to a whole new level.

Mark Braunstein has been providing advanced software solutions and strategies for online publishing to some of the biggest names in the business for the past 12 years, including clients like T. Harv Eker, Stephen Pierce and the NYME.

His expertise has helped his clients make millions of dollars running online communities and membership sites.

He is also a founding partner of one of the fastest growing communities for Web 2.0 Publishing and Marketing and will be sharing how they reached 7 figures by their second year of building their own community.

Membership sites can be very lucrative if done right. And Mark is the master of membership sites. He shows you what's needed...

First, he shows you how to pick the correct type of membership site to get enough people interested in it.

Then, he shows you how to make sure you have constantly changing/updating content that is valuable enough to keep members renewing month after month.

He also shows you how to create a proper structure to get low/no pay members to want to upgrade to higher paying levels.

And finally, he shows you how to promote it.

Plus, he shows you how to turn it into a business where you could make up to 5 figures a month per site by doing membership sites for other people.

Tools and Resources That
Could Make You Rich...

Len Thurmond

"How To Build A Breakthrough eCommerce Solution That Crushes The Competition"

Bruce Safran
Len Thurmond
Bruce Safran

Why you should be building them and ...

WHY amongst all the "Next Big Thing" Hoopla that saturates the net every day, eCommerce Stores are the only online businesses you can count on to still be around years from now!

In fact, you can easily build an entire "Empire" around such eCommerce stores. One that can support your children and your children's children, indefinitely!

But there is a "Right" way to build them, and a "wrong" way. And if you don't build them the "Right" way ... You're Just Wasting Your Time!

This will be an Incredible learning opportunity that adds tons of profits to your business.

Bruce Safran Bio

Bruce Safran is the founder of and brings over 30 years of business, investment and securities, legal and entrepreneurial experience to the company. Prior to forming he held positions as:

· Founder of ShopMeds, an Internet start-up company that offered a broad array of solutions to the challenges the health care industry faces today. Raised 30 million in Venture Capital

· Principal in a successful law practice specializing in litigation, estate planning and Internet and securities law.

· Founder and Director of Respiratory Systems Inc. (RSI), a business venture in the highly technical and government regulated work safety industry.

· Senior Vice President at Bear Stearns where he created and managed a highly profitable tax arbitrage center and designed an orchestrated sophisticated securities transactions for corporations and individuals.

· Senior Vice President at Oppenheimer & Co. where he engineered an executed the single largest non-institutional tax arbitrage ($1 billion) in the company's history.

· Account Executive at Drexel Burnham Lambert where he interfaced with Michael Milken and his team in bringing Lorimar to a successful public offering.

· Account Representative at Xerox Corp. where he was part of a four person sales team handling California state government and agency accounts

Len Thurmond Bio

Len Thurmond has been marketing on the Internet since 1995, and is one of the best known authors and newsletter publishers in the Internet World Today.

Through his highly acclaimed Newsletter (The Affiliate Review), his many Tele-seminars, and his private coaching program, he has helped thousands of now successful Entrepreneurs find their niche, and make it profitable.

For the last couple of years, Len has dedicated his time to exploring, perfecting and then teaching the art of Keyword specific, Content based Websites, used to build huge targeted lists, sell massive amounts of niche products, and create huge Adsense incomes, in very short periods of time.

And to facilitate that process, Len has developed a number of widely used and important Software products such as Amazing Site Builder, Traffic on Steroids, Article Automator, and Auto-Blogger, designed to automate the process of making these Content rich Sites more profitable, and give them more longevity.

To Quote Len....

"Everyone is looking for the 'Silver Bullet'! That one 'Get Rich Quick' idea that works. And I hate to burst your bubble, but there just Ain't no such animal! Your level of success (or lack there of) will always be directly in proportion to the amount of hard work you're willing to put into it."

"That said...Free Search Engine Traffic and the Contextual Advertising Industry, offer the closet thing to a 'Silver Bullet' that I believe we will ever see!"

"The Trick is to Know WHAT to do with that traffic, once you get it!"

"The New Copywriting" and "Secret Tools and Resources That Could Make You Rich"

Top Internet Marketer, Carl Galletti
Carl Galletti

"The New Copywriting" is an add-on to the copywriting principles that professional copywriters brought to the Internet.

Carl introduces some new techniques that nearly 99% of all web pages are ignoring. Yet, these techniques can shoot you right up the ranks of just about any search engine, including Google.

He then demonstrates his "Secret Tools and Resources," a collection of websites and tools that are not too well known but play a critical role with many top Internet marketers.

Some of the tools are free, others are low cost and still others are moderately priced. They were all picked by their usefulness and ability to get difficult jobs done quickly and easily.

Among the tools discussed are:

A no cost video editor that does just about everything you'll need in an editor

A low cost video editor that does just about everything you'll need in video and out-features most other editors at up to 10 times the cost

Little known video tools that make every video job easier whether it's a blog or a sophisticated DVD program.

A super clipboard that saves you a ton of time because of it's versatility.

A search engine aggregator that finds things on the net that you never even thought of.

A software factory filled with hundreds of programs that you can private label and start selling within minutes.

A site that lets you operate your home computer and get your email (using your standard email client, not the web) while you are away. And it's free!

The very best meeting and webinar program you can get. And it's very modestly priced.

A "secret" site that will tell you just about anything you want to know about a web site and it's owner. It gives you much more that a standard "who is" program.

An inexpensive program that will transform blah Powerpoint presentations in spectacular visual extravaganzas.

3 favorite sources for audio and video products. One has prices so low (for professional equipment) that they are actually cheaper than what others can get wholesale. Another doesn't have the cheapest equipment but the prices are reasonable and they are the most reliable supplier (video is an area you have to watch out for - lots of warranty issues, etc. but not with this supplier - when they say they have it, they do). And yet another has some things you can't find anywhere else.

A program that will do some amazing graphics even if you're not graphically talented.

The best place to go to get one-way incoming links to your site.

And another place you can go for one-way links with lots of influence in the search engines.

A no-cost program that will increase your creative abilities and another that is moderately priced that will make things a lot easier.

"Author An Ebook in Record Time and Build Multiple Streams of Income With a Proven Breakthrough System"

Glenn Dietzel
Author, E-Publisher, Coach, Speaker
Glenn Dietzel

How would you like to be a recognized expert in your field…the one that everyone quotes, the one that everyone listens to and the one that everyone respects?

And what if you had an automated marketing and sales system that generated hot qualified leads who purchased from you over and over again without your active participation.

Imagine what this could do for your business, your life and your future!

Glenn Dietzel shows you how to apply secrets of the super successful to help you dominate your field through 11 entrepreneurial ebook authoring dynamics. This allows you to champion the completion of a 100 page ebook in less than 12 hours of actual writing, position yourself as a recognized expert and launch the infopreneuring business of your dreams.

You will discover how to create an incredible business as an infopreneur where you can build multiple streams of income using a proprietary program based on the Unconscious Credibility Marketing System.

Glenn used this system himself to replace his income as a Vice Principal and his wife's income as an Occupational Therapist in less than 127 days.

Glenn's team has done well over 1.2 billion in added revenue over the past six years. Because of his work behind the scenes of some of the most successful businesses in North America he has been called the "Internet's best kept secret" by his peers and the media.

"How to Create Thousands of Keyword Rich Content Pages While You Sleep!"

Chris Moreno
Chris Moreno

Did you ever hear the saying, “The cobbler’s wife has no shoes”? Perhaps it should be revised to say, “The internet marketer’s website has no content”!

Why do we as internet marketers find it so easy to do stuff for other people and so difficult to spend time on our very own websites doing the things we need to be doing (like optimizing our pages for the search engines)?

The answer is irrelevant because Chris is going to show you how ANYONE can create thousands (yes, thousands!) of “long tail” keyword rich, static html pages for the search engines to devour using only some writers, some inexpensive software and an Excel spreadsheet.

The process illustrated is so revolutionary that once you discover it, you will be able to put your content creation on “auto-pilot” and sleep like a baby knowing your sites are being optimized for thousands of keywords and that finally, the cobbler’s (and internet marketer’s) wife (or husband) will have shoes.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How to Make Viewing Your Web Logs as Much Fun as Playing Video Games
  • How to Avoid the Dreaded Google Sandbox
  • How to Reduce the Time It Takes for Your Pages to be Indexed by the Search Engines by up to 50 percent

After viewing this recording, you will never look at websites, keywords or outsourcing the same.

Chris Moreno Bio

Chris Moreno is the founder of The Internet Business School and the author of You've Got Money: An Introduction to Internet Marketing. Self-employed since 1988, when he left a six-figure salaried Wall Street position to open a business on a push cart in downtown Boston, Chris has started four different direct sale businesses, all of which remain in business today. Chris's businesses have generated over 5 million dollars in sales in the last three years alone and 2007 promises to be his best year ever.

Chris is a passionate, entertaining speaker who prides himself in taking complex subjects and giving easy, step-by-step presentations leaving very little to chance and assuming nothing about the audience's abilities. His free "webinars" which he hosts regularly have been attended by people of all skill levels from as far away as Singapore and China. And his consultant services are always in high demand.

Shawn Casey

"Making the Jump To Internet Millions"

Shawn Casey
"Secret Presentation"

Shawn speaks about something entirely new and was unveiled for the first time at the conference.

Since 1999, Shawn Casey has sold over $30 million of his premier media products, services and memberships that help entrepreneurs to start and grow their Internet businesses. His more than 130,000 customers in 119 countries have used his information, tools and resources to unlock the secrets to making their own fortunes online.

Shawn's ability to create and share successful business and marketing strategies is unparalleled. His background as an attorney, author, publisher, company owner, corporate executive, public speaker and teacher makes him uniquely qualified to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. That's why eager audiences hang on his every word at high priced seminars.

From 1995 through 1999, he was the Chief Executive Officer and President of Success Development International. Under his executive leadership, SDI grew rapidly (doubling sales year after year) and was named to Inc. Magazine's prestigious Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in America twice. In 1996, SDI was ranked as the 152nd fastest growing private company. SDI was ranked 195th in 1997.

He is the founder and CEO of Mining Gold Corporation - a leading provider of premier media products, resources and tools to Internet entrepreneurs. He is also a principal owner of 11 other companies involved in Internet ventures.

Shawn manages his worldwide empire from his home office in Duluth, Georgia, USA where he resides with wife Patricia.

And Finally, A Presentation That
Gives You An Unfair Advantage...

"Black Book Tricks That Could Destroy Your Competition"

John Barker Mr. .X.
John Barker

While most people are struggling with the latest twist on "Google Cash", John Barker - aka .X. - is dominating market places by working the affiliate marketing system to his advantage in unique and creative ways (and we have to add, brutal and highly aggressive too).

In his one-off presentation at this year's Internet Marketing Superconference, .X. is going to show you - step-by-step - how he first tested market waters and built an almost "can't miss" strategy to promoting affiliate products, then started building his OWN customer database (as an affiliate) and how he's now selling his own Private Label Rights product to his competitors list (and recruiting away all of THEIR affiliates in the process).

What does all of this add up to? The newest approach to affiliate marketing using pay per click ads that will allow you to make 5-10 times as much money from your affiliate campaigns as other affiliates - and maybe even the companies you're promoting.

The processes he shows you have been used, refined and improved over the last five years - they keep working and working and working.

If you want to discover how to build a low-risk, high- reward business using other people's products, this is it.

"Discover How to Leverage Other People's Money, Websites and Traffic to Consistently Generate As Much As $100,000/month in Sales Of YOUR Products"

Stu McLaren
Affiliate Recruiting and Management
Stu McLaren

Stu McLaren is one of the most sought after affiliate management experts in the world. His impressive client list has included high level marketers such as Dan Kennedy, Mark Victor Hansen, Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin and many others.

Today he consults, trains and educates small business owners on how to build a profitable affiliate program that generates leads, sales and increases bottom line profits. And that's what he shows you in this presentation.

That is quite a lineup of speakers and presentations, wasn't it?

Your investment for the entire four days of video recordings, over 30 hours worth on 20 DVDs is only $997.

But the real cost to you is if you do not get this valuable information. Rather than saving the above investment, you will be losing out on the extra profits you would be making as a result of being better informed than your competitors and putting that knowledge to use.

Remember, knowledge doesn't cost you. The lack of knowledge costs you.

The truth is that these conference recordings should cost you nothing when counter-balanced by increased profits. Now, no one can guarantee increased profits because it's up to you to put it to use. But you will be getting the advantage of the best experts in the field, people who are actually making substantial profits from their Internet businesses and are willing to share that know-how with you.

From there, it's up to you. And I can tell you from past conferences that many attendees have gone on to great success.

It's my job to see that you are next. And if you already run a successfull business (like many attendees of this conference), then it's my job to see you get to the next level.

Join us now on the path to your success.

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