Carl Galletti Internet Marketing SuperConference seminar

Internet Marketing Seminar

June 17, 18, 19 & 20, 2004
in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Traffic, Testing & Tools

22 Year Old Has First $60,000.00 Month!
"Your seminar last year was my first intro to Internet marketing! Since last June my partners and I have really grown our Internet company. We had a $60,000.00 month last month! And we've made well over $100,000.00 already this year! We definitely owe it to your seminar."

-- Josh Brown

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Dear Internet Marketer,

By the time you finish reading this site, you'll know how to increase your chances of success on the Internet by over 300%.

Plus, you'll know how to get over $1000.00 worth of solid-content teleseminars for free...even if you don't attend the seminar!

But first, let me say that this year's seminar (our 6th year) will be the BEST and MOST VALUABLE EVER because of it's focus on the three major concerns of every Internet marketer:

  • Generating TRAFFIC
  • TESTING what works for traffic generation/traffic conversion, and
  • The TOOLS that make it easy to achieve maximum results at minimum cost

The best site promoting the greatest product is a waste wtihout a constant flow of quality, targeted traffic. By the end of this year's Internet Marketing SuperConference you will know the latest techniques and strategies for generating maximum traffic to your site.

You will be shown the latest working strategies by the top Internet marketers, people who are currently producing massive results.

We'll be covering:

Search Engine Optimization that drives tons of traffic to your site if you know how to get top ranking, how to pick the best keyword phrases, and how to create a site that sucks traffic and results from the major engines. (Alert: Yahoo has repositioned itself and is currently giving Google a run for it's money -- hear the latest strategies to take advantage of this situation).

Pay Per Click Search Engines-- Overture has been the major competitor here but Google AdWords/AdSense is producing phenomenal results (IF you know how to take advantage). You'll get the latest techniques for getting both these to add significantly to your bottom line. You'll also find out if any other PPCs are worth using and if so, which.

Co-Registration -- Yes, you CAN buy your traffic and build your list faster with this technique than any other but will it work for you? This area is a black hole if you don't know what you're doing. We'll make it simple to understand how to pick the strategies and suppliers that will make your list explode and your hit counters heat up like you've never seen before.

Articles -- This is the easiest and lowest cost method of generating traffic, but only if you know how to do it correctly. We'll have the experts to guide you through this publishing maze so that getting results is a walk in the park.

Ebooks/Viral Marketing -- Most people think of ebooks as a product category -- and it is. But smart marketers know how to generate lots of high quality, targeted traffic for long periods of time using some not so obvious techniques which we'll be covering. This isn't a low cost marketing technique, it's a negative cost solution. Yes, that's right, you can actually generate profit as well as traffic. And lots of it.

Affiliate Marketing -- Wouldn't you like to have thousands of people working around the clock sending highly targeted traffic to your site? At the seminar you'll learn the secret insider techniques that you won't find in any ebook, techniques that will have people lining up to join your affiliate program and sending all their best customers to you.

Offline Marketing -- Perhaps the least used but most effective strategy for producing traffic to your site. Direct mail, display/classified ads in newspapers/magazines, publicity, radio talk shows, and yes, even television. Expensive? Could be. But we'll be concentrating on some little known, low cost and highly effective techniques that will amaze and stimulate your creative juices...because you'll be imagining all the ways you can profit -- ways you never thought of before, including a brand new, low-cost infomercial technique.

Email -- What with SPAM filters filtering out a lot more than SPAM, including your private messages, there's a real need to be able to get your email delivered. The Internet doesn't have anything as reliable as the US Post Office (did I really say that?) to deliver the mail regardless of "Rain, sleet and dark of night" or whatever the phrase is/used to be. On the Internet you're lucky if you have Pony Express quality of delivery. Yes, on the Internet there are hostile Indians intercepting your email and they're from the AOL, Earthlink and many other tribes. But there's a technique (actually a couple) that works real well to circumvent these hostiles and significantly increase your delivery rate. Shhhh, don't tell anyone. These techniques give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Some Surprise Methods -- Traffic islands that can turn targeted traffic onto your site like turning a faucet on. Back end traffic generating techniques that will have customers returning -- and buying -- time and time again. And more.

"I highly endorse and recommend Carl Galletti's Internet Marketing SuperConference. If you are at all serious about being successful on the Internet, you must attend this conference. Lots of top quality speakers -- people who walk their talk. Lots of great information. Lots of joint venture opportunities. You owe it to yourself -- and your bank account -- to be there."

-- Mark Joyner

Perhaps the most misunderstood and underutilized area of Internet marketing. Tracking your results is only half of the battle. Knowing how to use those results to get maximum effect is the trick. You'll find out how to tell if a change is significant enough to be meaningful or just a matter of circumstance. How do you tell? You'll be given an easy, scientificly derived formula to know for sure.

Results, results and more results. You'll get the results of tests from the top Internet marketers in a whole host of areas. Yes, you need to track and interpret your own results. You also need to know where to start and what to test. Why not learn from the best...other Internet marketers who have already done a lot of testing and are willing to share their results with you... to help get you started?

I've noticed time and time again how many Internet marketers take some things for granted. And when I investigate it's usually because there is a tool behind it. Because the tool makes the job so simple, they discount it and tell you about everything else. Yet, a very important part is missing. And that's why I've specifically focused on revealing those tools to you...and how to produce your own at a fraction of what you'd imagine.

Having the right tools makes all the difference. Imagine two farmers, one with a horse-drawn plow and another with a tractor-plow. Which do you think will win out? Well, that's the effect of having superior tools.

Testing makes YOU the Guru because YOU know what works and what doesn't and you've got the figures to prove it. Tools make you more efficient and effective than your competition. Traffic brings the money in.

Notices About This Seminar:

  • This will be a tough seminar. We are going to feed you solid content from 8AM in the morning until 10PM at night.
  • No food will be served. We'll let you out for lunch and dinner but you're on your own, meaning you pay for your meals. It's better that way because we'd just have to add it on to your entry fee and I'm sure you'd rather pay a few bucks for your own meals than $50-$75 for each catered meal (which is what the hotel charges). However, we expect you to network during this time -- with the speakers, VIPs and other attendees. We'll help organize it for you but you need to make sure you participate so you get the maximum value out of your experience.
  • All presentations will start and end on time. No exceptions. It's up to you to be sure you're in your seat on time, otherwise you will miss something valuable. I guarantee it.
  • This is a selling seminar, meaning that many of the speakers have accelerator, intensive or greater-depth programs they can offer you beyond the seminar -- programs that will speed up your progress even further or increase your depth of understanding and skill level, if you're interested. Do NOT misinterpret this. There are some nay-sayers out there who think this is bad. It is not. It would be a disservice to not offer these to you. Selling is not a bad word and those who think it is should be in another field. We are not going to hide the selling by taking it off the podium, hiding it in a back corner and pretending it doesn't exist. No. The speakers will make their offers from the platform, out in the open. You benefit greatly from this. All the speakers will deliver solid, useful, and valuable content all the way through their presentations and only at the end, with your permission, will they make you an offer on their special program -- at a substantial discount off what you'd be paying outside the seminar room. The rule is simple. They MUST deliver the content to be able to make this offer.

Make no mistake about it, you are NOT going to get this information out of some book or course. A well done seminar like this one will accelerate your success on the Internet. Attending a seminar increases your chance of success by more than 300% over reading a book. Actually, it's as high as 340%.

Books and home study courses are nice and we all need them but they're nothing like a seminar. That's because of...

The Discipline Factor

Let me explain.

When you're reading a book, listening to a tape or watching a video, the phone can ring, you can be interrrupted by someone wanting your attention...there are many things to distract your attention. You are rarely able to spend even a day totally focused on reading that book or listening to/watching tapes.

Yet, total immersion in a subject is necessary to get the most out of increase your chances of success.

When someone is learning a foreign language, do you know what is required for that person to REALLY know the language? Yes, going to a country where that language is spoken ALL THE TIME. That's total immersion. It's the only sure way of learning anything.

Many years ago, I heard a wise man say something that totally changed my life. He said:

"You become what you think about all day long"

That man was Earl Nightingale, one of the founders of Nightingale-Conant. And what he said was enshrined in a product called "The Strangest Secret." It is the all time best selling program Nightingale-Conant has ever turned out.

At this seminar we will keep you totally focused and immersed with one thing and one thing only:

Imparting YOU With The Information and Knowledge
You Need To Make More Money On The Internet

This seminar is different. You're there, uninterrupted and FOCUSED. We make sure of that. Our job is to impart the knowledge you need. Your part is to take notes, pay attention and learn as much as you can. There will be a lot to learn. This is valuable stuff.

With the talent surrounding you in that room -- the top Internet marketers in the world -- there is no better way, no surer chance for your success.

There will be 2 sets of Teleseminar. One set will be open to everyone and the other will only be open to attendees.

We'll be preceding the conference with over a dozen content packed teleseminars that will be free to everyone. In other words, these are available to you whether you attend the conference or not. There is no charge for them. But you must register...for three reasons:

  1. That's how you get the schedule.
  2. That's how you get the phone number to call and the access code.
  3. We give away valuable gifts worth up to $597.00 ON EACH CALL and the only way you can win one is if you register (NOTE: we keep your registration info private and do NOT share it with anyone else).

Just click here to register:

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Yeah, they're FREE but don't let that fool you. These will NOT be pitch sessions. They will be filled with content. You'd normally have to pay $47-$97 for each one. And in fact, the recordings of these teleseminars WILL be products and sold for those amounts (each). But they are yours at no charge only during the live sessions. It's my way of saying "THANKS" for considering coming to the Internet Marketing SuperConference.

The next set will be available only to attendees. These sessions will precede the conference and you must be registered as an attendee to participate. These will also have lots of solid content and value.

If You Register For The
Internet Marketing SuperConference
by May 17th, You Will Get the
ALL Pre Conference TeleSeminars

This means you get to sell them and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.

This alone is worth the price of the seminar. We will be doing at least a dozen FREE pre-conference teleseminars plus at least 8 others that will be for attendees only. Heck, even at only $47 per TeleSeminar that's worth $940.00, WITHOUT the resale rights. And since resale rights for quality products like these sell for up to 10 times the retail selling price or more, the resale rights alone represents a $9,400.00 value!

Let me introduce you to the TOP Internet Marketing experts who will be your guides at the Internet Marketing SuperConference:

Ken Giddens

Armand Morin

Alex Mandosian

Craig Perrine

Joashua Shafran

Ken McArthur

Jeff Alderson

William Shi

John Childers

Danny Wells

Casey Boyles

Carl Galletti

and more coming soon...

Why You Should Register NOW

One of the other advantages you get as an attendee of the Internet Marketing SuperConference is you get to earn money by referring others into the seminar. Yes, that's an AFFILIATE PROGRAM. But ours is a CLOSED affiliate program. You need to be a registered attendee before you can promote and get paid a commission for your referrals. So, the sooner you register, the more time you'll have to promote the conference...and use the pre-conference TeleSeminars to help you with your referrals.

Your investment in this year's Internet Marketing SuperConference is only $1497. That's cheap when you consider how much you're getting. It's ridiculously cheap when you consider how much you could make from what you learn. Just take a look up top at Josh Brown's testimonial. And he's only 22.

Specialized knowledge like you'll be getting at the conference is very valuable. You've heard the saying

"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day,
Teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

This conference/seminar is all about teaching YOU how to fish...on the Internet. Register NOW.

The choice is yours. You can come to the seminar and be successful. Or, you can stay home and nothing will have changed. It's up to you. Register NOW and you will profit from it your entire lifetime. That's valuable.

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti
Your Host

YOUR Guarantee

I am so sure that you will get way more than your money's worth when you attend the Internet Marketing SuperConference that I will give you this bold guarantee. Attend the ENTIRE conference. If at the end, if it is not everything I said it would be...if after the entire 36 hours of the conference and many hours of teleseminars you don't feel it is hugely more valuable than what you paid...if you don't feel the knowledge you gained will profit you many times over and over...if for any reason at all you are not completely satisfied, just let me know at the end of the conference and I will see that you get your entire admission fee refunded to you in full. In fact, if you are not 100% satisfied, I insist that you ask for your money back. That's my guarantee and I stand behind it 100%.